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Exclusive: Cybertron witnesses its first murder in IDW's relaunched Transformers series

By Jeff Spry
Transformers Hero

After ending its flagship Transformers universe last summer with the Unicron miniseries, San Diego-based publisher IDW is putting the polish on a rollicking new reboot just in time for spring's annual rite of renewal, and SYFY WIRE is sporting an exclusive look at the premiere issue rolling out Wednesday, March 13.

This fresh Transformers offering will power its way into comic shops twice monthly and is being penned by Brian Ruckley (The Godless World Trilogy), with engaging art from Angel Hernandez (Star Trek: Discovery – Succession) and Ron Joseph (Micronauts: Wrath of Karza). The storyline explores Cybertron's golden age of peace and prosperity, when suddenly the glory is shattered by a single death that sends the alien robots' home planet into a downward spiral.

Transformers Cover 1

“We are eager to begin this new chapter in Transformers storytelling,” Hasbro’s VP of Global Publishing, Michael Kelly, said in a statement. “We are excited to begin a tale that will be accessible and appealing to readers unfamiliar with Transformers lore, while still providing the depth and drama that our long-time fans expect. It’s a big responsibility, but we’ve got the right team and the right characters to do it.”

Told through the innocent eyes of a young Bumblebee and his buddies, readers will observe sinister conspiracies forming, harmony eventually giving way to conflict, and the placid tapestry of idyllic Cybertronian civilization ripping itself apart after thousands of years of peaceful existence among its sentient robots.

Transformers Slice 1

“Bringing Transformers fans this story is a real privilege,” Ruckley added in an IDW press release. “But just as important, it’s an amazing opportunity for new readers to discover and explore one of the biggest universes – and one of the best casts of characters – that science fiction has to offer, and to get in right at the start of a truly epic saga.”

Transformers #1 will roll out with multiple variant covers courtesy of Gabriel Rodriguez, Angel Hernandez, Casey W. Coller, and Freddie E. Williams II. Transformers #2, available March 27, will feature covers by Nelson Daniel, Ron Joseph, and Jeffrey Veregge.

Transformers Slice 2

Power up for our expanded preview of IDW's Transformers #1 in the full gallery below, with four vivid covers, a "Story So Far" lead-in, a "Dramatis Personae" roster, and five interior story pages, and see what life was like prior to the devastating Autobots/Decepticons War.