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Exclusive: Legion M’s first self-published comic book needs your help developing the film

By Adam Pockross
Girl With No Name crack shot - revolver spread

Last year, Legion M — the innovative fan-owned entertainment company behind Kevin Smith’s upcoming Jay and Silent Bob Reboot — announced its first self-published comic book, Girl With No Name, as well as a feature film adaptation. Today, SYFY WIRE is exclusively debuting a preview page, as well as Legion M’s Kickstarter campaign for the comic's presale — which could just land you a seat at the film's development table alongside co-producer Co-Op Entertainment.

First let’s talk about the comic itself, which tells the Western revenge story of… well, not sure if the term “eponymous character” applies here… regardless, Girl With No Name tells the story of The Girl, and her genesis as a gunslinger. Out on the frontier, on their way to a new life, The Girl’s parents are murdered by a nefarious highwayman (presumably not one of Johnny Cash’s black-clad crew). The orphaned Girl gets reluctantly taken in by her ex-Confederate-turned-bounty-hunter Uncle, who even more reluctantly teaches her the way of the gun, which she’s a damn natural at.

Good thing too, because much revenge needs exacting. Needless to say: badguys pay.

"The Girl is a timeless hero who embodies the strength and character found in young women who are fighting injustice in our world today. The Girl is unapologetic in her drive to be true to herself, and we're beyond thrilled to finally introduce her to comic and film fans, and those looking for a new hero," Laura Ivey, CEO, Co-Op Entertainment tells SYFY WIRE. 

To help bring The Girl to the page, CO-Op and Legion M worked with writer Dave Elliott (who adapted a script by Alex Ranarivelo), with art by Tula Lotay (cover/promotional poster), Dani Strips (interior art), Gloria Caeli (colors), and Annie Parkhouse (letters). Check out Strips' exclusive glimpse of the characters below, as well as some more preview pages in the gallery at the bottom:


Girl With No Name cast of characters

You can see why the team wants to lean on the high style of 300 and Sin City to expand the world beyond comics and into cinema.

“The comic has all the epic qualities you want in a cinematic big movie. Glorious grand visuals, a compelling and emotional main character who is both relatable and heroic. The Girl is inspiring and kickass ... we root for the aspect of her that is an underdog, understand the part that seeks revenge, and glory in the kickass action that makes the visuals ripe for the artistic fun and poetry that is the best of what comics provide for epic big screen fan experiences!” says Co-Op's Tanya Wexler (Hysteria), the film's director.

While talking about the film before we've even seen the comic might seem like putting the proverbial Oregonian Trail cart before the oxen, but it's all part of Legion M's master plan to include fans every step of the development way.

"Offering comic book presales through Kickstarter gives our fans greater flexibility in choosing how they want to experience the Girl With No Name franchise. Whether choosing between digital or print versions of the comic book and selecting which cover they want, to participating in virtual development meetings for the film project, this campaign is the ultimate way to empower a passionate community of comic book and film lovers. We want to give fans — our most important team members — a stake in the outcome of their franchise by giving them a seat at the table so they can let us know how we’re doing," says Terri Lubaroff, COO and Head of Content for Legion M.

So yeah, you can get a cool comic and become a Hollywood producer, all in one shot.  

For presale orders of the Girl With No Name comic book, head to the newly official Kickstarter campaign. To learn more about developing the feature film project based on the book, and to become a member of the fan-owned entertainment company, head to Legion M’s website.