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Exclusive: Marvel's Voices: Legacy #1 cover reveal!

By Preeti Chhibber
Marvel Voices Legacy #1 cover reveal

Marvel's Voices started as a much-needed podcast hosted by Angélique Roché, highlighting creators who are traditionally forced to the margin of our mainstream books. Then, in February 2020, it grew into focused comic issues featuring brand new work by those same creators. Today, SYFY FANGRRLS is thrilled to be able to share the exclusive reveal for Marvel's Voices: Legacy #1.

Marvel Voices Legacy #1 cover reveal

The cover is courtesy of Taurin Clarke and Jesus Aburtov, and the book itself will feature writers like Ho Che Anderson, Danny Lore, Nnedi Okorafor, Tochi Onyebuchi, (our own!!) Stephanie Williams, and Mohale Machigo, among others. And you can be ready to see art from Sean Hill, Valentine De Landro, Ken Lashley, Chris Allen, and more!

We got to chat with Roché, who will be writing a forward for the book, and editor Sarah Brunstad about the project.

When asked what they were both most excited about, Roché started by sharing how the fact that these comics had been coming out for a year was unbelievable. "I am personally excited to be celebrating what will be a full year since the release of Marvel's Voices #1 with what promises to be an amazing anthology full of extremely talented creatives. This year has been such an incredible year of expansion and growth for Marvel's Voices overall, with Marvel's Voices: Indigenous Voices #1 [on sale this week, Nov. 18] and the third season of the Marvel's Voices podcast launching this fall. That being said, I am excited for fans to meet and be reintroduced to some of their favorite writers and artists — or new favorites — in this brand new anthology. Putting it lightly, the lineup of writers and artists is bonkers!"

Brunstad continued, "We have amazing talent who are contributing. We have such a terrific lineup, and I have high hopes that the stories we see here will be just the beginning. The original Marvel's Voices one-shot that Chris Robinson and Angelique put together back in February (which Marvel is re-releasing on Wednesday) was such an exciting tour of the Marvel Universe, both of its characters and its creators — we're aiming to do the same with this one!"

Of course, we had to know who Roché was most excited to see and what she hoped readers would take away from the reading experience of the new book.

"It's no secret I am a Monica Rambeau fan who — spoiler alert — will have what I think is going to be a delightful story written by SYFY FANGRRLS' own Stephanie Williams. Needless to say, I am excited about that. I am also genuinely excited to see all the amazing stories that will be included in the book; many from some of my favorite writers and artists. With each one of the stories created, we have a chance to see the unique perspectives of all the creatives involved, and in many ways, the impact of the over 80-year legacy of the Marvel Universe and its characters on writers and artists of color. That is the beauty of Marvel's Voices, it strives to bring to the forefront the unique experiences and perspectives of diverse communities through the lens of — and our shared love of — the Marvel Universe.

"Like any comic book, with each BAM, SMASH, THWIP and CLANG, I hope that folks have fun. I also hope that the stories not only entertain but resonate with readers in a way that brings them into the Marvel Universe and reminds them that these characters and stories are really reflective of the world outside their — our — window."

Marvel's Voices: Legacy #1 will be on shelves in February 2021.

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