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Fortnite and dream homes don't mix in Robot Chicken exclusive clip

By Tara Bennett

As Seth Green and Matthew Senreich's long-running stop-motion sketch comedy series, Robot Chicken, continues to skewer pop culture heading towards its landmark 200th episode, gamers are in the hot seat this week. Especially Fortnite players.

In an exclusive clip from Sunday, July 12th's episode, "Ghandi Mulholland in: Plastic Doesn't Get Cancer," we see what happens when a couple tries to hire the ever-hyper "Fortnite Builders" to make their dream home. It's certainly bouncy, but not pretty...

Robot Chicken debuted in February 2005, and now has 10 seasons featuring hundreds of sketches and six Emmy awards to its name. The show even helped make viral videos a thing back in the day, as clips from their series were passed around via emails and on early social media.

Green recently told SYFY WIRE that the secret to staying timely is keeping up a fresh writer's room with younger voices that help to constantly reinvigorate the show. Thus the Fortnite jokes above.

"It’s about finding new, young writers who are as steeped in pop culture, but share a sense of humor with us, so that we’re not just content with making the same joke about The Smurfs," Green said. "We want someone who grew up in the '90s, or even in the 2000s, to steep in our style, but in their own voice about the pop culture that has influenced them."

See what other influences will be skewered when "Ghandi Mulholland in: Plastic Doesn't Get Cancer" debuts on Adult Swim this Sunday at 12:00 a.m. ET. And don't forget to mark your calendar for Robot Chicken's 200th episode airing July 26.