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Exclusive: The 100 sets up a Murphy and Clarke alliance

By Jessica Toomer

The 100 has been re-setting the board in its sixth season, and now a new player is officially making her move.

After Josephine body-snatched Clarke, using her as a host in last week's episode, "The Gospel of Josephine," this week she's recruiting Murphy do help do her dirty work. The pair have agreed to a (rather tense) partnership, with Murphy teaching Josephine how to act more like their fearless leader in order to gain Abby's trust and discover how she's able to create nightbloods — which might make the Primes' goal of living forever even easier to achieve.

In exchange, Murphy's being promised his own happily-ever-after, an immortal life that means whatever version of hell he saw when he temporarily kicked the bucket in the show's first episode won't come true.

For now, that means lying to his friends and his first test comes, as this preview shows, when Raven, Emori, and Echo return from their trip to Ryker's bike shop with the knowledge that the Primes aren't as honest and benevolent as they seem.

Watching Murphy getting back to his roots by lying and manipulating his friends is almost as fun was watching Josephine pose as Clarke — a tough ask when your "friends" are worried about being body-snatched and asking pesky questions on the whereabouts of your co-leader.

Check out this exclusive clip from Episode 6, "Memento Mori."

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