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Exclusive: The Riddler awakens in Gotham Season 5 deleted scene


Earlier this year, Gotham wrapped up its five-season run by finally introducing the Dark Knight into its fractured world. The fifth season is coming to Blu-ray on Tuesday, July 9, but before we reach the end, it's time to revisit “The Beginning.” Now SYFY WIRE is debuting an exclusive deleted scene from the Gotham series finale.

In this clip from “The Beginning,” Edward Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) awakens after being freed from Arkham Asylum. During the 10 years between the penultimate episode and the series finale, Edward has been locked away and forgotten by Gotham City. However, an old friend urges Edward to embrace his persona as the Riddler and once again unleash his evil genius on an unsuspecting city. Additionally, the Riddler’s been given a few gifts to kick off his newest crimes.

“The Beginning” jumped into the future in order to give Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) a full decade to travel the globe and become Batman. The series finale was essentially the show’s version of Batman Begins, as Bruce returned to Gotham to face Riddler, Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor), and Jeremiah Valeska (Cameron Monaghan). For the final episode, Jeremiah went even further down the rabbit hole as the show’s incarnation of the Joker.

But ultimately, Gotham was the story of Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and his attempt to hold the city together. The end of Gotham didn’t bring that tale to a close, it simply started a new chapter. Once Batman arrived, Gordon and his allies were no longer alone.

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