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A war is coming in first look inside Riverdale's haunting Vampironica: New Blood

By Jacob Oller
Vampironica: New Blood cover Torres

Halloween may have come and gone but the kooky world of Riverdale is still dealing with creatures of the night. Good thing they’re as fun as Vampironica! The vampiric version of Veronica has been haunting the pages of Archie Comics — and now she’s after some answers. 

In Vampironica: New Blood — the upcoming five-issue miniseries from writers Frank Tieri and Michael Moreci alongside artist Audrey Mok, colorist Matt Herms, and letterer Jack Morelli — the bloodsucker must move on from the events of Jughead: The Hunger vs. Vampironica

"This is a whole new chapter for Veronica — coming out of the Hunger crossover, Veronica is ready to come into her own and really own who and what she is,” co-writer Michael Moreci told SYFY WIRE. “Problem is, who and what she is is a vampire, and there's lots or challenges — some very personal to Veronica — that come with that. We're going to have some serious, bloody vampire fun in this story!"

Now SYFY WIRE can take fans of the Gothic and seductive inside the 32-page debut of New Blood, featuring some exclusive pages from Mok.

Take a look:

That’s four full pages where the medium truly shines: no words necessary. With the script yet to be added to the art, comic fans can truly appreciate Mok’s depiction of Veronica’s journey from regular high schooler to full-blown Blade baddie. Mok also did the main cover, with the included variants coming from Laura Braga, Rebekah Isaacs, Greg Smallwood, and Wilfredo Torres.

"Vampironica: New Blood pretty much picks up where she's left off after Jughead: The Hunger vs. Vampironica,” co-writer Frank Tieri told SYFY WIRE, “and that's with her recently learning that she's basically been lied to her whole life.” That new information, that “she's actually descended from Sir Francis Lodge, the notorious pirate and the most evil vampire who's ever lived,” as Tieri puts it, will have dire consequences.

“The ripple effect of that reveal very much comes into play in this series as Vampironica not only deals with her own personal issues with her family but the implications of what this all means to the greater vampire community at large,” Tieri said. “A war is coming...and the big question is will Vampironica be on the right side?"

That question will begin to find its answers when Vampironica: New Blood #1 hits shelves on Dec. 4.

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