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SYFY WIRE Knightfall

Exclusive: Watch Mark Hamill's Talus get schooled by his pupil in the next Knightfall

By Tara Bennett

Gotta love the full circle of watching Mark Hamill get reverse Yoda'd. In Hamill's latest role on HISTORY's Knightfallhe plays Talus, a grizzled Templar that now trains potential new Knights of the Templar.

At the end of last season, former esteemed Templar, Landry du Lauzon (Tom Cullen), was stripped of his title when it was revealed he broke his vows by fathering a child.

In the Season 2 premiere, Landry was able to beg forgiveness from his brothers and re-enter the Order, but as a lowly initiate. Enter Hamill's Talus, who has begrudgingly agreed to include Landry in his group of trainees, but let's just say the two aren't exactly gelling with one another. 

In this exclusive clip from the April 8 episode, "Faith," the well-skilled Landry is pretty insistent that Talus' new recruits aren't making the grade as future knights...and things get tense.

At the winter TCA press tour, Hamill shared that the appeal of the role really came out of him never having played someone like Talus. So, despite Star Wars keeping him pretty busy, he signed on for the historical drama.

"I’d never done a character quite like this before, a religious zealot, a man of deep convictions and, yet, such a paradox. I remember thinking he’s lecturing the troops and he says, 'Once you become a Templar knight you shall become God’s executioners.' How could there be such a thing? I thought, 'Thou shalt not kill,'" he said "I was flattered that they would think of me in such a diverse character part, and I thought, 'Oh, I have to do this. I really do have to do this.' And to be part of a largely British cast, in a period drama like this, which I’d never done before, and that’s what I look for, challenges to try not to repeat yourself, and this was certainly a challenge."

Knightfall airs Monday nights on HISTORY.