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One of F9's wildest set pieces involving a 'magnet plane' came from the mind of Justin Lin's pre-teen son

By Josh Weiss
F9 poster hero

Despite this week's gas shortage following a cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline (which is thankfully looking to restart now), F9 still has plenty of fuel in the tank to carry it over cliffs and beyond our atmosphere.

No, seriously — the latest Fast & Furious blockbuster is taking the franchise to dizzying new heights with souped-up vehicles we've never seen before, including a rocket/car hybrid and something called a "magnet plane."  In recent years, the Fast Saga has continued to up the ante an explosive rate, with each set piece feeling like a kid playing with their Hot Wheels. Turns out, F9 leans heavily into that child-like sense of imagination with one of its most audacious spectacles that involves the aforementioned magnet plane, which actually came from the mind of director Justin Lin's son, Oqwe.

"We were talking about the ravine [set piece] and I said, 'Alright, so here's Roman and Tej. Jakob needs to get to the other side — how does he get there?' Lin, who co-wrote the project with Daniel Casey, recalled during an interview for Empire Magazine's latest issue (now on sale). "And Oqwe just picked it up and pitched the idea of the plane and everything. After us spending hundreds of hours on planning, I guess he was paying attention, and he understood the characters."

"All you have to do is pay attention to your child's unlimited imagination," added star Vin Diesel (Dominic Toretto). "And then it becomes something that you see onscreen."

After seeing a cut of the film, Oqwe allegedly demanded payment for his contribution. "He said, 'Hey, I pitched that! You need to pay me,'" Lin said. "I said, 'How much do you think you deserve?' He was like, $30.' So I paid him, $30."

The idea's are definitely there, but we'd say the kid still needs to work on his Hollywood negotiation skills. F9 blasts into theaters everywhere Friday, June 25. Get yourself pumped with a marathon of the last eight movies (the screenings are totally free!) or John Cena's weekly web series about the movie's various hot rods.