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Our favorite fantasy epics to watch alongside 'Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves'

Get ready for dungeons and dragons with these 10 fantasy classics.

By Matthew Jackson
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This week, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves storms its way into theaters, giving us not just the biggest D&D adaptation ever, but one of the biggest fantasy films in recent years, leaning hard into the sword and sorcery vibes of its source material to give us an adventure full of magic, distant kingdoms and, of course, monsters straight out of the manual

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But whether you're seeing D&D right away or waiting for the crowds to die down, there's a chance just knowing the film is out there has you craving more fantasy fun from the big-screen, so we're here to help. Keep on chasing that Dungeons & Dragons rush with these 10 other fantasy epics, all of which capture something of the film's overall vibe.

Army of Darkness

OK, so no one in Honor Among Thieves is a time traveler sent back through a portal into a medieval past (that we know of), but Sam Raimi's conclusion to his original Evil Dead trilogy has a certain irreverence and knack for inventive action that shares a lot with Honor Among Thieves. Plus, Bruce Campbell and Chris Pine would make wonderful strong-chinned heroes together, fighting side by side.

Conan the Barbarian

Arnold Schwarzenegger's legendary take on Robert E. Howard's Cimmerian warrior is played much more seriously than the new D&D movies more swashbuckling vibe, but there's still some connective tissue here, particularly when it comes to the villains. Conan is also working to stop a powerful sorcerer who'll stop at nothing to get what they want, and the film's epic designs add a certain vintage D&D feel all the way through.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army

The high fantasy stylings of Guillermo del Toro's second Hellboy film feel right at home when placed alongside Honor Among Thieves, particularly in the way that Hellboy himself relates to the world around him. Whether he's hanging out in the Troll Market or trying to prevent a massive automaton army from taking over the world, he's still just a guy at work, which most of the heroes in the D&D film can definitely understand.


Jim Henson's fantasy classic is a bit darker than Honor Among Thieves, but the films share a common sense of ambition and scope, dropping us into a live-in world full of creatures and power structures that we have to discover through the characters. Plus, there's the family reunification plot angle (a big factor in D&D), and the fact that Honor Among Thieves features a major setpiece which takes place in a maze.


Ridley Scott's fantasy film about heroes trying to stop an evil presence from casting the world into darkness definitely packs the same blend of creatures, magic, and adventures that you'll find in D&D, and despite the film working to play it straight, there's also a level of over-the-top fun that matches it well with Honor Among Thieves. The whole movie doesn't quite match, but Tim Curry's Lord Darkness would fit right in.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Any time is a good time to revisit the first film in Peter Jackson's epic adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's high fantasy classic, so we really don't need to give you another reason. That said, Fellowship in particular, with its story of heroes rising to the task of an epic quest and discovering a wider, more dangerous world in the process, is very well-suited to Honor Among Thieves' blend of comedy and fantasy action.

The Mummy

Stephen Sommers' hit adventure film starring Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz has had many imitators over the years, and while we're not saying Honor Among Thieves is trying to steal The Mummy's style, there's definitely a lot of similarities in their respective vibes. Pine plays the lovable scoundrel just like Fraser, a crew of misfits come together to stop an evil force, and of course, there are a lot of laughs mixed with the action, and the darkness.


One of the joys of Honor Among Thieves is the way it throws you right into the fantasy world of D&D, without spending any time trying to justify or comment on the world it's building. Onward, Pixar's fantasy film about two brothers embarking on an epic quest, also has something of that flavor, along with a comedy-fantasy adventure wrapped up in straightforward, earnest themes of family, love, and redemption.

The Princess Bride

When you want a blend of fantasy and comedy, you never need to look any further than Rob Reiner and William Goldman's The Princess Bride. It's still the gold standard of the form decades after its release, and its blend of irreverence and sincerity makes it a clear inspiration for Honor Among Thieves.

Thor: Ragnarok

Sure, you could argue this film falls more into science fiction than fantasy, but Taika Waititi's brightly colored take on the Thor mythos within the Marvel Cinematic Universe certainly has plenty of pure fantasy action going for it, including a battle with a dragon right up front. There's a kingdom in danger, a gladiator arena, a dark sorceress who wants to rule everything, and oh yeah, Hulk suplexes a giant zombie wolf. What more could you want?

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