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Watch: Fear the Walking Dead teases apocalyptic standoff for the future in new Season 7 trailer

By Benjamin Bullard
Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Key Art Header

There’s a palpable tension swirling in the toxic air, and it’s about to bubble over as Fear the Walking Dead gets set to make its return next month. Morgan (Lennie James) has proven time and again that he can survive the zombies — but can he weather the coming fight against his fellow humans?

That’s the big takeaway from AMC’s just-released trailer previewing the high-stakes Season 7 kickoff of Fear the Walking Dead. Amid all the orange haze and gas-masked imagery that signals next-level dystopia, Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) narrates a menacing voiceover that strongly indicates the battle for loyalty is just heating up.

To drive the point home, AMC also released new key art for Season 7, and it’s putting the focus squarely on the duo’s newly escalated antagonism.

Check it out:

Talk about busted relationships. Victor and Morgan have always navigated the post-apocalypse with different, if conflicting, leadership styles — to put it mildly. But their cooperation as sometimes-uneasy allies looks like it's on the verge of unraveling completely as Season 7 comes into view.

“I’m done listening to you, Morgan — everyone is,” Victor threatens in the clip. “Everyone tried it your way, and look what happened. Face the truth, Morgan — you failed. And now, it’s my turn.” Morgan is ready, though, with a threat of his own: “You should rebuild the world, Victor. You should help people. But if I hear that that’s not what you’re doing…” — and, as you might have guessed, it only gets darker from there.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Key Art

AMC also revealed that Aisha Tyler, already an alum of The Walking Dead universe with directing credits on FTWD Season 6 episode "J.D.,” is joining the show's cast in Season 7. But it’s still a mystery as to what character she’ll be playing...or, for that matter, if she’ll be forced to pick a side.

With Victor’s blood boiling and Morgan nowhere close to standing down, Season 7 promises to bring the fireworks right out of the gate. Watch the season premiere of Fear the Walking Dead at 9 p.m. ET on Sunday, Oct. 17 at AMC, or log on as an AMC+ subscriber to catch the show's return a week early, starting Oct. 10.

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