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Feast on Theon’s sausage (and other things) with this Game of Thrones brunch menu

By Elizabeth Rayne
Ramsay Bolton in Game of Thrones

So Ramsay Bolton really was just messing with Theon Greyjoy in that I’m-eating-your-sausage scene…or was he? If you’re a foodie with a sadistic streak, you can now take a bite out of that sausage (whatever you imagine it to be) and other Game of Thrones-inspired menu items if you go to the Throne of Games Brunch at Live! Casino Hotel in Hanover, Maryland.

“Theon’s Sausage” and other delicacies from the Seven Kingdoms await you at a brunch that might have just gone too far with its reference to a certain severed appendage. We have no idea whether the food is worthy for a feast in the Great Hall (and we really don’t care) because the menu itself is just genius.

If you’re not feeling the sausage, maybe “The Night’s Watch Your Flank Steak” is what you need before that trek beyond the Wall. “Robert’s Rebellion Bacon” might be a random pick for the former king, but that doesn't really matter because he ate everything. Littlefinger might have had more of an affinity for wine than potatoes, but the pun in "Little Finger-ling Roasted Potatoes" is just too delicious. Oh, and don’t say you didn’t crack up at "Bran-Cakes".

For anyone who would rather go low-cal, low-carb and low-sugar, you can always get the “Blessed by the Lord of Light Roasted Vegetables”. 

Ironically, next to that questionable meat that may or may not be made out of the flesh of Theon Greyjoy, there are a few things that make you wonder. Of course the scrambled eggs have to be scrambled dragon eggs, but since when did Sansa ditch her lemon cakes for French toast? And why would the bloodthirsty and obviously carnivorous Ramsay Bolton have his name next to...potatoes?

For a little extra gold, you can add Flea Bottom-less mimosas, which must taste way better than a bowl of brown.

By the way, you can battle it out in a trivia contest and possibly win a seven-day trip to Croatia that includes a two-hour Game of Thrones tour. That’s definitely worth biting into a questionable piece of sausage.

(via io9)