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Watch the first trailer for DC's animated version of Batman: Hush

By Don Kaye
Batman Hush

One of the more celebrated Batman tales is coming to the DC animated universeBatman: Hush, based on the acclaimed story arc that ran in the pages of Batman from December 2002 to November 2003, has been adapted into a DC Universe Original Movie that's set to arrive later this year.

The first trailer for the film has been released today (May 14), and it captures the sweep and tone of the story (written by Jeph Loeb and drawn by Jim Lee), which involves many of the Caped Crusader's most infamous enemies.

In the tale, Batman begins to uncover a plot to destroy him that involves the manipulation of many of his deadliest adversaries, including Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, Riddler, Ra's al Ghul, Scarecrow, Clayface, and other Rogues Gallery icons. The figure behind the plan is a mysterious new villain named Hush. At the same time, the Dark Knight and Catwoman get romantic — but can he trust her, or is she part of Hush's scheme?

A number of DC Universe regulars along with new members of the ensemble are lending their voices to Batman: Hush, including Jason O’Mara (Batman), Jennifer Morrison (Catwoman), Jerry O’Connell (Superman), Rebecca Romijn (Lois Lane), Rainn Wilson (Lex Luthor), Sean Maher (Nightwing), Bruce Thomas (Jim Gordon), Maury Sterling (Thomas Eliot), Geoffrey Arend (Riddler), Peyton List (Poison Ivy), and more.

The film is directed by Justin Copeland and will be the 35th film released in DC's animated line of originals. Look for it this summer.

(via IGN)