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Five things Chris Evans must do to remain the best Chris

By Fangrrls Staff

In the FANGRRLtopia, there is room for all the Chrises to succeed and thrive (also in the FANGRRLtopia, Pratt has been replaced by -tine Baranski but that's neither here nor there) but one Chris rises to the top like cream, and we're not just talking about the color of the Sweater Heard 'Round the World.

To many, Chris Evans is, as ever, as always, the Best Chris. But these are troubled times and we need to adequately vet our men before we pledge allegiance. Luckily, we have some tips to keep Chris ahead of the pack for the next decade and beyond.


Create another clothing stir

In 2019, Chris Evans took a classic cream cable-knit sweater and turned it into an icon of thirst. He is not the first attractive man to look good in an Aran jumper, but something about his Knives Out lewk caused the masses to sit up and take note. Did Chris Evans save the wool industry? Probably not, but sales likely increased because of this choice by costume designer Jenny Eagan.

To maintain his grip on the Best Chris Crown, he will have to make another style leap. The plush blue velvet Salvatore Ferragamo tux he wore at the 2019 Oscars is a great shout, but he's been there, done that. He has shown he isn't against taking risks, which is why I think the '70s is the decade to lean into —whether it is the shortest of shorts (he is America's Ass) or embracing paisley. It is a less homely choice than knitwear but he has the physique to pull off a shirt in this bold print. Just make sure you keep the beard, Chris. - Emma Fraser

On that note...


Always have the beard

Each of the Chrises grows a very good beard, but only one of them opting for a clean shave has resulted in a FANGRRLS eulogy. When it became clear that Cap's sadness facial hair was getting cut from Avengers: Endgame, we poured one out for this loss. In Knives Out, he had the thirst-inducing sweater to set the internet aflame — but still no facial hair.

However, Evans' appearance at the recent Golden Globes is a cause for celebration. Not only was he wearing a lux mahogany Isaia tux that made him stand out from the crowd, but his beard game is strong. This bodes well for awards season, 2020, and retaining the Best Chris honors. - Emma Fraser

Keep giving us that Dodger content

Look, all we need in this hellscape that is the present is more pictures of sweet puppers and, in that realm, Chris Evans continually delivers. I mean, the man got his dog Dodger a version of the most discussed cream cable-knit sweater of all time and broke our timelines with it on Christmas morning.

He consistently provides cuddling photos, and videos of Dodger being the Perfect Doggo, and understands that even if we cannot even, we absolutely can and will always enjoy Dodger content. (I mean the reunion videos alone!!!) Dodger and Chris will stay at the top of our lists forever. - Preeti Chhibber


Use social media as a force for good

Out of all the Chrises we've spotlighted on SYFY FANGRRLS, there's no doubt that Evans is the most active in terms of his social media presence — he has almost twice as many followers as Pratt and Hemsworth, and as we all know, Pine is deliberately absent from any form of Being Online — but it's what Evans chooses to do with his Twitter account that sets him apart from the others who share his name. For one, it's him tweeting, for the most part, and he's usually not sharing some promoted content or advertising a brand he's in partnership with. More often than not, Evans' Twitter feed consists of him sharing excited missives about the various films he's been working on, or expressing unfiltered and precious awe about everything going on in space right now. He isn't afraid to give his political opinions some airtime either, but in that classic Chris Evans way where you get the sense he wants to say something meaner but isn't mincing words either. And the rest of the time? He's just posting adorable pics of his dog and BFF, Dodger.

In terms of which Chris is definitely using their online platform to its absolute best potential, Evans is the clear frontrunner, and as long as he keeps on doing what he's doing in 2020, there's no reason he won't secure the title of Best Chris a second time. - Carly Lane


Keep those knives out

We love Chrissy E. as the MCU's chief executive boy scout, but when he goes full d*ck, we are here for it. The snark. The smug. The smirk. Evans pulls rich douche off incredibly well — it's why he was the best part of the Fantastic Four Movies of Which We Do Not Speak. And — I've done the research, I've done the science — it's because he does seem to be such a good, decent fellow, so when he delivers that significant douche energy, it is somehow superpowered.

If Chris Evans goes into 2020 and stays wholesome, stays woke, stays bearded, and stays the snarky a-hole we love — at least onscreen — he will retain his once and future title: Best Chris. - Courtney Enlow