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March into a realm of magic, myth, and monsters in Boom!'s new fantasy series, Folklords

By Jeff Spry
Folklords Slice 2

Reteaming on an ambitious new fantasy series for Boom! Studios dropping on Nov. 13, Matt Kindt (Black BadgeGrass Kings) and Matt Smith (Lake of Fire) are introducing readers to the colorful and chaotic kingdoms of Folklords — and SYFY WIRE has an expanded peek inside the debut issue.

Folklords 3

Kindt and Smith previously collaborated on Boom!'s Planet of the Apes: When Worlds Collide, and here they embark on a five-issue quest-fueled miniseries set in a medieval world where a curious young man named Ansel sets out on a hazardous journey to chase down his visions of the Folklords, a mysterious tribe that local villagers speak of only in hushed tones.

The impressive creative team on this provocative title includes Dan Mora (Klaus, Once & Future) and Duncan Fegredo (Hellboy: Darkness Falls) providing stirring variant covers, absorbing colors via Chris O'Halloran, and all rounded out by letters courtesy of Jim Campbell.

"Folklords is like a breath of fresh air on a cool fall day -- the start of an epic adventure filled with thrills, mystery, and heart," Eric Harburn, senior editor at Boom! Studios, tells SYFY WIRE. "Matt, Matt, Chris, and Jim are building a world that you don't want to miss out on."

Folklords Slice 3

“Ideas usually sneak up on you. But this one came in a flash. As soon as my plucky editor, Eric said the word 'Folklords,' I had an image of this teenage kid in a black suit and tie ... walking through a small folk tale-style village full of gnomes, witches, and trolls," Kindt said in a statement. "It looked jarring, seeing that kid there. He was completely out of place. What's this kid wearing a suit for? Is he living in a fairy tale? Why is he there?

"I'm not sure why the word triggered that image in my head but I didn't question it," Kindt continued. "The question I did have? Who the heck are the Folklords? This kid ... in this suit and tie ... who doesn't seem to belong? He's going to find out.”

Folklords Slice 4

Now grab a delicious goat-curry pie and take a trek into the fantasy world of Boom!'s Folklords #1 in the gallery below, then tell us if you'll make a quest to your local comic shop for this imaginative treasure when it appears Nov. 13.