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SYFY WIRE Frankenstein

Forgotten Women of Horror: Peggy Webling

By Courtney Enlow
Peggy Webling

From werewolves and monsters to the modern-day slasher, horror fiction has captivated people since Ancient Greece. But so many of the genre’s most famous and terrifying stories were created, written or developed by women whose names you might not have ever learned. Until now.

Every day for the week of Halloween, listen to Forgotten Women of Horror, a special spooky edition of SYFY WIRE FANGRRLS' podcast series Forgotten Women of Genre where we recognize the women who have been instrumental in creating and shaping the nerdverse.

James Whale's Frankenstein is one of the greatest movies ever made, shaping the horror film genre as we know it, and it owes everything to a woman. Actually, two. We all know and adore Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, author of Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus. But that wasn’t the direct adaptation Whale sought out to make. Whale’s film was an adaptation of the play Frankenstein, an Adventure in the Macabre by Peggy Webling, the first woman to adapt Frankenstein for the stage.

New episodes of this series will be released each day the week of Halloween. Subscribe to Forgotten Women of Genre wherever you get your podcasts.

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