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The Boys' Jack Quaid talks disemboweling a whale in exclusive clip from official series podcast

By Josh Weiss

Amazon's The Boys took the philosophy of "everything's bigger in the sequel" philosophy to a whole new level in its second season. Case in point: Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) drives a speedboat through a blue whale named Lucy, effectively eviscerating the majestic creature of the deep, which was summoned by... the Deep (Chace Crawford). The absolutely gonzo sequence serves as a shining exemplar of the series' penchant for no holds barred violence that can affect everyone and everything at any time and without warning. Nothing is safe from the sadistic machinations of showrunner Eric Kripke and his writing staff.

SYFY WIRE now has a little more insight into that bloody whale evisceration with an exclusive clip from the official Season 2 podcast, where Jack Quaid (Hughie Campbell) discusses the logistics of pulling off such an insane set piece. "I was just so excited to shoot that because I just didn't know how we were gonna pull it off, but we did," he says. "We built a actual whale that we put on a beach somewhere." (If you're reading this, Greenpeace, the whale used for screen purposes was an animatronic).

Take a listen below:


“When they broke the whale story, they had us all in the office, in the hall looking at the storyboards," cast member Laz Alonso (Mother's Milk) said ahead of the second season premiere. "They said it would be shot on the water, with helicopter shots and no green screen. It would be an animatronic whale on the beach. And the First A.D. offers, on his own, that there would be air-conditioning inside the whale so it would be nice and cool. So, we get to the whale on the shoot day, and it’s 90 degrees and 120 degrees inside the whale ...  We’d try to walk out of the whale for a scene, but because the goo would dry, our bodies were stuck to the whale.”

Urban described the whale shoot as a "diva moment" for Alonso, who could be heard shouting: ‘Can we get some AC in the whale?’”

The first two seasons of The Boys are now streaming on Amazon's Prime Video. A third season is currently in production, with a spinoff on the way as well. The latest episode of the show's podcast drops tomorrow (Thursday, May 6).