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Fortnite pulses to prehistoric life with ‘Primal’ Season 6 featuring Lara Croft

By Benjamin Bullard
Lara Croft in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

The mysterious “pulse” that brought Fortnite’s last season to a heart-stopping close has just launched a prehistorically wild journey for players in Chapter 2, Season 6. And who’s better suited to go raiding in the island’s fearsome new ‘Primal’ map filled with dangerous flora and fauna than Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft?

Epic Games kicked off Season 6 of Fortnite on March 16 with a big bang from Agent Jonesy, who’ll have to learn to operate without all the tech that got wiped away in Season 5’s “Zero Crisis” big finale. But Epic promises the island’s loss will be players’ gain, with the heavily altered map now teeming with wild critters and resources that will come in handy in the game’s new crafting mechanic. That’s right: You won’t just be finding your gear when you drop in for Season 6; you’ll also be making it.

Oh, and did we mention Lara Croft? She’ll be included in the Season 6 Battle Pass, sporting her classic tomb-raiding duds as well as a handful of outfits that harken from her different looks over the years. Check it out, along with the Season 6 cinematic trailer below:

While the trailer throws in tons of cool call-outs to Alien, Predator, Terminator, and more crazy character tie-ins that spiced up Season 5, Season 6 starts things off with even zanier crossovers. Joining Lara right from the start will be the Rebirth version of Teen Titans’ Raven, Brazilian soccer star Neymar Jr., and the tease (as always) that more will be coming — and probably from just as wide a range of unexpected places.

Jonesy’s new mission is part of the new single-player campaign for Season 6, but the Battle Pass unlocks all the new goodies that’ll have players ready to drop in all over again for more PvP battle royale action. The new ‘Primal’ biome, emanating from a central spire and the village it overshadows, means you’ll be roughing it in a wilderness that features new locations like “colossal crops and boney burbs,” as Epic teases.

Of course, if you stray to the map’s edge, you’ll come up against what’s sure to be a big piece of the plot as Season 6 unfolds. Reaching the outer boundaries of the Primal zone means players will “find guardian spirits protected by mysterious forces” — exactly the kind of place where Lara Croft feels right at home.

Check out all the new Season 6 details, as well as info on everything included in the Battle Pass, over at Epic Games’ landing page.