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‘Foundation’ on firm sci-fi ground as Apple greenlights second season of Isaac Asimov-inspired series

By Benjamin Bullard
Apple TV+ Foundation Still

The ambitious screen adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s award-winning classic book series has paid off at Apple TV+, with Apple revealing today that Foundation — only into its fourth week at the premium streamer — already has been renewed for a second season.

Created and produced by David S. Goyer (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight), who also serves as showrunner, Foundation stars Emmy nominees Jared Harris and Lee Pace in a sweeping tale that, inspired by Asimov’s sci-fi novels, concerns itself with nothing less than the ultimate fate of humanity. Thanks to his development of the science of “psychohistory,” Dr. Hari Seldon (Harris) has forecast the civilization-ruining collapse of the powerful Galactic Empire — spawning a galaxy-spanning race against the clock (as well as the Empire) to stave off disaster.

First debuting on Sept. 24, Foundation hasn’t been streaming for even a month, but it’s “quickly proved to resonate with audiences around the world,” according to Apple TV+. With the fourth episode set to arrive this Friday, there are still six remaining weekly episodes left in the series’ initial 10-episode first season.

Goyer said he’s happy that Foundation has been a hit with both TV audiences and with first-time Asimov fans who are discovering the books through the series.

“Since my childhood I’ve dreamed of how Hari Seldon and Eto Demerzel would look and sound — what Terminus and Trantor would feel like,” said Goyer in Apple’s renewal announcement, dropping in a bit of Foundation lore. “Now, with Season 2, our audience will get to visit more of Asimov’s indelible characters and worlds, including Hober Mallow, General Bel Riose, and all the Outer Suns. I'm thrilled that a whole new generation of fans are reading Asimov’s brilliant masterwork.”

Matt Cherniss, head of programming for Apple TV+, added that Foundation — whose big-budget effects and epic scope feel apt for an adaptation of an Asimov story that covers more than a thousand years —  has rapidly found a warm reception in its short time on the platform.

“We have been so excited to watch global audiences embrace the captivating, suspenseful, and breathtaking thrill ride that is Foundation,” said Cherniss. “We know how long fans of these beloved Asimov stories have waited to see his iconic work brought to life as a visually spectacular event series and now we can’t wait to showcase even more of the richly layered world, compelling storytelling, and stunning world-building in Season 2.”

Goyer hinted that he’s approaching Foundation’s TV run with his mind firmly on adapting as generous a helping of Asimov’s source material as he can. “We’re playing the long game with Foundation,” he said, “and I’m grateful to my partners at Apple and Skydance for entrusting me with this epic. Buckle up. We’re about to fold some serious space.”

Foundation indeed encompasses a lot of space, so it pays to know some background info before diving in — especially if you haven’t had a chance to read the books. Check out our Foundation primer here, while we wait for new episodes to debut each Friday at Apple TV+.