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SYFY WIRE Fraggle Rock

Fraggle Rock: Rock On! gives classic puppets new adventures on Apple TV+

By Jacob Oller
Fraggle Rock: Rock On!

In a strange bit of media Mad Libs as odd as the original pitch for Fraggle Rock must've been, the '80s cult Jim Henson Company puppet show is bringing its cave-dwellers back to the screen on Apple TV+. The new show, Fraggle Rock: Rock On! is available to watch now — for free — and was created in an environment that only makes sense in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Fraggle Rock: Rock On! is shot on its creators' iPhones in their homes, stitched together to create its miniscule episodes in utter isolation. That comes across in the plot as well: the first episode of Rock On! shows the Fraggles getting new "Doozertubes" to stay in touch without leaving their caves. The show, which comes from executive producers Halle Stanford and John Tartaglia (who also stars, taking over as Gobo Fraggle), is a musical kids show that sees plenty of returning voices.

Karen Prell is back as Red Fraggle and Dave Goelz returns as Boober Fraggle, though Mokey Fraggle is taken over by Donna Kimball. There's only one episode so far on the streaming service (the debut "Shine On!") but The Hollywood Reporter reports that the show will be adding new 3 - 5 minute episodes every Tuesday. This is just the latest move by Apple TV+ to make its original programming more accessible to those stuck at home with nothing else to do but streaming TV.

The original Fraggle Rock series ran for 96 award-winning episodes, and Rock On! may be the best way to introduce a new generation to the Fraggles.