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Watch Jenna Ortega reunite with ‘Wednesday’ co-star Fred Armisen in ‘SNL’ 'Parent Trap' sketch

Watch Armisen say wildly inappropriate things while standing in as Ortega's twin in a remake of The Parent Trap.

By Gina Salamone
Jenna Ortega and Fred Armisen in Saturday Night Live

Fred Armisen may play Jenna Ortega's character's uncle on Netflix's Wednesday, but no one could have guessed he'd ever portray her 11-year-old twin sister. But he did just that when he stopped by Saturday Night Live over the weekend for a skit with Ortega, who was hosting the NBC sketch comedy show for the first time.

In the bit, Ortega is filming a remake of 1998's The Parent Trap (itself a remake of the 1961 flick of the same name), starring Lindsay Lohan as Hallie and Annie, 11-year-old twins who were separated as babies by their divorcing parents, only to accidentally meet at summer camp and discover this info. 

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Bowen Yang plays the director of the remake, and explains to Ortega that while there's plenty of opportunity to update this version from the original films, the scene at the camp cabin when Hallie and Annie realize they're twins is such a classic, that he wants to leave it as is. "Obviously since you’re playing both twins, we’ll film you twice, combine the two images into one," Yang explains. "Today, you’ll be Hallie in the scenes. And since your body double is out sick, we’re just gonna have one of our crew guys, Raymond, read with you.” 

Armisen, playing Raymond, who's standing in for Annie, enters the cabin. The actors head to their cots for a scene in which Hallie and Annie argue over whether it's time to go to sleep or leave the light on so Hallie can read. After they flip the switch on and off several times, Hallie yells, "You are so annoying," to which Raymond shoots back, "And I’m starting to think you’re a real bitch!"

Watch Jenna Ortega and Fred Armisen in SNL's Parent Trap sketch:

That of course leads the director to yell "cut," and point out that "bitch" was never in the script. "Yeah, sorry about that," Raymond says. "I did a little off the cuff thing, you know, like they do on Curb [Your Enthusiasm]. You guys watch Curb? I love Curb."

Ortega suggests that maybe someone else should read Annie's lines, but the director assures her that no one's going to see Raymond in the finished product anyway, so it doesn't matter what he says. 

Raymond then asks the director if his character should go to the bathroom at some point to annoy Hallie, saying that it could be funny if "her twin is always on the toilet." Thankfully, the idea is nixed. The director sets up the next scene, reminding the actors that it just stormed outside and the campmates' belongings by the window got soaked. Armisen, as Annie, asks Hallie if any of the pictures she had hung up were ruined. “Only the beautiful Shawn Mendes," Hallie says. 

Continuing his penchant for saying wildly inappropriate things to an 11-year-old, Raymond responds, "Wow, he is hot. You know who I like? Lisa Rinna. I would let her wreck me." Hallie says she doesn't "really know what to do here," so they move on to a scene where they're bonding. "You want to eat some Oreos? It may sound weird but, I eat them with peanut butter," Hallie confesses. "Well F me, so do I," Raymond says, before asking her if she likes a certain brand of beer. 

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Once the pair figure out that they have the same birth date, are both 11, and one only has one old picture of her dad, the other only has one old photo of her mom, they decide to take out the pictures and see if they share the same set of parents. They soon realize they're twins and hug, but Raymond doesn't let it end there. "So they just split us up? Why would they do that to us? We gotta kill them," he says as Annie. "If we work together, we can kill them."

While this was Ortega's first time hosting SNL, Armisen is no stranger to the set, having been a cast member on the show from 2002 to 2013. He currently plays Uncle Fester on Wednesday, while Ortega stars as the title character in the Netflix comedy horror show. Armisen also voices Cranky Kong in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, the Universal Pictures flick that hits theaters April 5. 

New episodes of SNL debut Saturday nights at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC. All 48 seasons are now streaming on Peacock