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3 Game of Thrones projects focusing on Flea Bottom, a warrior queen & a sea snake reportedly in the works

By Vanessa Armstrong
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Three additional Game of Thrones shows are in various stages of development, according to a report from Deadline (confirmed by Variety and The Hollywood Reporter). These projects — which are part of HBO’s plan to expand George R. R. Martin’s GoT universe — are in the early stages of development and focus on different times and places in the GoT world.

The one that is reportedly the most developed is a project called 9 Voyages. According to Deadline, this project already has a creative team on board including Martin himself and writer/producer Bruno Heller (Pennyworth, Gotham). The show would takes place at roughly the same time as House of the Dragon — the GoT spinoff closest to production — and would focus on the great voyages of Corlys Velaryon. Aboard his ship, Sea Snake, Velaryon traveled the known GoT globe including Pentos, Dragonstone, Lys, Tyrosh, and Myr, as well lands not previously traveled to like Yi Ti and the wealthy nation of Leng. Velaryon also tried to travel to the North in an attempt to find passage around the top of Westeros but was foiled by gigantic icebergs and frozen seas.

The second project is reported to take place in Flea Bottom, the poorest part of King’s Landing. While there are no details on when this show would take place in the GoT universe, there are several characters from the original show who came from Flea Bottom including Gendry (Joe Dempsie) and Ser Davos Seaworth (Liam Cunningham). Those characters, however, would not likely be in the show if it takes place after the events of Game of Thrones, as they both moved on to Lordships in the original series.

The last project is10,000 Ships, which takes place 1,000 years before the events in the original series. The show would follow the journey of Princess Nymeria (the namesake for Arya’s direwolf) as she and her remaining people traveled from Essos to Dorne after their defeat by the Valyrian Freehold in the Second Spice War.  

These three projects are still in the very early stages, and the GoT universe will likely see its first expansion with other shows farther along in development. House of the Dragon, which stars Paddy Considine, Olivia Cooke, Emma D’Arcy, and Matt Smith, is the farthest along and is set to go into production this April. Two other projects — the GoT animated series in the works at HBO Max, and the Don Quixote-like Tales of Dunk & Egg — also appear to be in the later stages of development than the three projects reported on today.

While it’s still unclear whether any of these new projects will move forward, one thing is certain: HBO remains committed to building out the GoT universe.