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Stolen keepsakes and the truth about Grey Worm: Game of Thrones cast looks back on series

By Don Kaye & Christian Long
Grey Worm Jacob Anderson Game of Thrones

The cast of HBO's recently concluded Game of Thrones took the stage at San Diego Comic-Con Friday night to reflect on their time on the long-running fantasy series, and revealed a few secrets about their characters. 

*In case it's not obvious, spoilers for Game of Thrones to follow*

The most noteworthy reveal answered a long-running question about Daenerys Targaryen's loyal commander, Grey Worm. Way back in Season 4, Daenerys asked Missandei how Grey Worm, along with the rest of The Unsullied, were castrated during their time as slaves, specifically if their slave masters took both the "pillars" and the "stones."

Jacob Anderson, who played Grey Worm, settled the debate once and for all after being asked what was something they were told about their characters that never quite made it into the series.

"D*ck. No balls," Anderson definitively told the crowd, which included SYFY WIRE. He also added that this would be the "last time" he'd comment on the matter, so it's safe to say he gets asked that question a lot. 

Maisie Williams, who played Arya Stark for the entirety of the show's eight-season run, also weighed in on her GIF-worthy moment where she took down the Night King at the end of the epic battle in "The Long Night." Specifically, the fan theory that Jon Snow helped her by preoccupying the ice dragon formerly known as Viserion. 

"She did it on her own," Williams proclaimed. "If we give anyone credit for getting Arya's head back on track, it's Melisandre."

Game of Thrones San Diego Comic Con 2019

Other topics of conversations included any stolen mementos from the set -- though that question didn't apply to Liam Cunningham. While he was in attendance, he's freely admitted to his keepsake collection. Isaac Hempstead Wright admitted to taking a wooden spoon, and Varys actor Conleth Hill said that he simply stole "most of the scenes I was in." 

Though the show concluded last May, which proved predictably divisive among viewers, the actors were asked what they thought their characters were up to since the finale's credits rolled. Williams assured everyone that Arya's "backpacking tour" to the eastern border of the maps of Westeros was going well, comparing her character to a Westerosi Dora the Explorer. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau also opined that had Jaime Lannister lived, Brienne of Tarth would've "left him anyway after a few weeks." Which, honestly, is a safe bet. 

Even though he now sits on The Iron Throne, Hempstead-Wright didn't have any specific predictions for Bran Stark, but he did admit that since the series ended his family refers to him as "Your Grace." An important reminder that it's good to be the king. 

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