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Game of Thrones teams up with Red Cross for bloody premiere giveaway

By Elizabeth Rayne
Game of Thrones

For once, Game of Thrones is doing something bloody for a good cause. HBO and the American Red Cross have joined armies and are out for blood, but it’s not the Red Wedding type of thing it might sound like.

The official Red Cross Twitter is just asking brave enough fans whether they will give blood and “bleed for the throne” — and if you donate by March 17, you will be automatically entered to win a trip for two to see the worldwide premiere of the highly anticipated final season.

At least nobody’s really going to get stabbed or decapitated here (though that would supply an awful lot of blood real fast).

The tweet from the Red Cross has to be one of the greatest calls to altruism ever. Set to "The Rains of Castamere," it remembers the characters who either met a bloody end or bled within an inch of their life striving for the Iron Throne.

Relive Ned Stark literally losing his head, Catelyn being knifed at that infamous wedding, Ygritte breathing her last in Jon Snow’s arms, and a violently whipped Cersei being mocked by the people of King’s Landing, even though she kind of deserved that.

Jon Snow’s dead eyes gazing past the icy landscape beyond the wall will also haunt you, but maybe not as much now that everyone knows he was reanimated. Maybe the King in the North will officially be called the Zombie King if he gains the throne.

Even if you don’t win a trip to the premiere to see who bleeds first, anyone who donates from March 7-12 will come away with some pretty serious loot. You’ll get a free sticker with a unique GoT-themed Snapchat filter and a tee with the Bleed for the Throne logo. What hardcore Game of Thrones fan doesn’t want to walk around in a shirt with an Iron-Throne-shaped blood spatter?

Click here to make your appointment. Remember, it’s for the good of the realm.

(via CBR)