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Gaming: Snapchat games; God of War's BAFTA prizes; Super Meat Boy Forever delayed

By George Stark

Attention gamers, Snapchat has a plan to make you even more addicted to its social media app than before, or at least get you to come back to it more often. As of today, the multimedia messaging app now includes games that you can play with your friends – and they actually do look pretty cool.

If you're already a Snapchat user, launching Snap Games on your mobile device seems pretty simple. You can launch the service from the chat bar, which allows you and your friends to start playing in seconds, without having to install anything extra. It also includes a feature where you can send your friends a message or talk live through voice chat while you're playing.

So far, the app has rolled out six titles to start with, which include Bitmoji Party, Tiny Royale from Zynga, Snake Squad from Game Closure, Zombie Rescue Squad from PikPok, Alphabear Hustle from Spry Fox, and C.A.T.S. Drift Race from ZeptoLab.

Judging by the trailer from the rollout, we've realized that kittens driving full-speed around a race track is the smartphone game we never knew we needed. Get playing now, and make it snappy.

Next up, fans of God of War will be happy to know that it has been bestowed with even more awards, winning big at the BAFTA Games Awards in London on Thursday. The mythology-based action-adventure title took home five of its 10 nominations, including the top prize for Best Game.

Since the game was released in April last year, it has received a slew of industry gongs, including getting top honors at the Game Awards in December.

God of War's lead animator, Cory Barlog, was at the event and tweeted out his thanks to the "amazing writers, performers and narrative group."

You can see the full list of winners here.

Lastly, game developers Team Meat announced that the planned April release of Super Meat Boy Forever is being pushed back, but hopefully not for too long.

"We could have sacrificed our minds, bodies and social lives to make April 2019 but that's stupid," the company said in a tweet, adding that the release will be ready "after but not too far after April 2019."

That will surely come as a disappointment for those who have been patiently waiting for this long-awaited sequel to arrive, but hopefully it will all be worth it. The April release date was first mentioned in December last year, when the company wryly explained that the title, Super Meat Boy Forever, was picked because it’s a "less boring name than Super Meat Boy 2." 

The game will once again feature the evil Dr. Fetus as the Big Bad, but this time he has kidnapped Nugget, the new, questionably adorable offspring of Meat Boy and his beloved Bandage Girl. Developers have hinted that the game will still be notoriously difficult, promising fans, "you will die … a lot."

Can't wait!

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