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SYFY WIRE Gemma Chan

WIRE Buzz: Gemma Chan wraps Eternals, Netflix lands Simon Kinberg sci-fi project, more

By Jacob Oller
Gemma Chan

Less than two weeks after actor Kumail Nanjiani broke his superhero diet on late-night TV (indicating a reduced need for perfect abs), another Eternals star has confirmed that their filming on the upcoming Marvel film has wrapped. Gemma Chan, who will be one of the rare actors of the MCU to play dual roles when she takes on Sersi, has finished up her production on director Chloe Zhao’s sci-fi superhero movie.

Chan previously played supporting character Minn-Erva in Captain Marvel, but will now co-star alongside Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Nanjiani, Salma Hayek, and Kit Harington (among many more). Eternals focuses on a large group of immortal and empowered individuals that must defend Earth against their less-than-nice counterparts. And now, it seems like the film’s primary production is winding down — at least for some of its stars.

Take a look:

There's not too much information from the tweet, but that’s some great Eternals merch, at least! Little has yet been gleaned about the film, which was written by Matthew K. and Ryan Firpo, though plenty of speculation surrounds a storyline that could explain how so many superheroes ended up on Earth — and how these timeless aliens factor in.

Eternals blasts to Earth on Nov. 6.


Next, Simon Kinberg hasn’t waited long after Disney’s purchase of the X-Men film franchise to move on to new genre projects. The writer/director/producer behind many of the Fox superhero films (who just directed his first film with Dark Phoenix) has left his mutants behind as they join the MCU, but don’t worry, he’s still keeping things fantastical — just now at Netflix.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kinberg is bringing a sci-fi spec script by first-time pro writers Dalton Leeb and Nicholas Jacobson-Larson to the streaming service as a producer. The project is called Endurance and was exciting enough to spark a bit of a bidding war resulting in a near-seven-figure deal for the screenwriters. Kinberg also reportedly worked on the story, which is under tight lock and key — the only details available are that it stars a “strong female lead” and “has franchise potential” even though it’s an original idea.

No further information on Endurance, like directorial duties, casting, or a production timeline, has yet been released.


Finally, Bruce Dern has wrapped production on a new Satanic horror film he’s got coming down the pike. Hellblazers (no, not referencing the DC Comic featuring John Constantine) places the Oscar-nominated actor in the late ‘80s in the midst of a cult dead-set on bringing Hell to Earth.

Deadline reports that the film, which also stars Billy Zane and Tony Todd, has wrapped its California production under the direction of Justin Lee. Did we mention that the cult actually succeeds in summoning a demon? Well, they do, and anyone nearby is in danger.

Adrienne Barbeau, Courtney Gains, John Kassir, and Meg Foster also count among the cast of the film. Hellblazers does not yet have a release date.