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Ghostbusters 2020: Ernie Hudson weighs in on the return of Winston Zeddemore


Who ya gonna call? SYFY WIRE skipped the receptionist (sorry Janine) and got straight to Winston Zeddemore himself, Ernie Hudson.

Fighting off ghosts with plasma hasn't been Hudson’s only gig. He now stars as Corgi king Atticus on Cartoon Network’s Infinity Train, a regal but still ridiculously adorable canine who rules Corginia. Atticus gets carried around on a velvet cushion and acts all kingly one moment, then gives in to his doggie desires to just leap off that cushion and run around outside a few seconds later.

Hudson feels that some dogs just have that royal type of persona. The thing is, Atticus and his loyal talking Corgi subjects stand out to Hudson because they're acting human but still looking at things from the POV of a different species. This is why the actor had so much fun trying to get into the head of a dog and humanize what could possibly be going on in there.

While voice-over acting and on-camera acting have their obvious differences — since it is the two-dimensional face of a Corgi you're seeing onscreen — Hudson feels that being on camera and voicing a character are more alike than you might think. He prefers to trust the story and just let all the other elements come together.

The reason Hudson waited to even watch an episode of his own show until recently was because he believes watching can make an actor second-guess things, and he just doesn't want to find himself in that place.

Now let's talk Arrow. Is there a chance we'll see Hudson in the superhero series again?

"I'd very much like to… I love the show. What I liked about that show is, I was involved with the action, and there's a storyline," he said.

So here's the question everyone wants an answer to: will Hudson ever return to Ghostbusters? You're going to have to watch the video to find that out.

This article was contributed to by Elizabeth Rayne.