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WIRE Buzz: Ghostwriter S2 trailer; Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts trailer; The Hidden Girl

By Jacob Oller
Kipo S2

A horrifyingly powerful love of reading is on its way back to haunt geeky kids around the world, but don't worry — it's just because Ghostwriter is getting a second season. The Apple TV+ reimagining of the beloved '90s series (about a ghost that helps kids read) is on its way back for a sophomore effort and now it's dropped a new trailer to showcase its upcoming literary topics.

In Year 2, Ghostwriter and gang will return under the helm of writer/director Luke Matheny and showrunner Andrew Orenstein to discover classic characters like Sherlock Holmes' Dr. Watson and new stories like Malia and the Magic Paintbrush and The Cobalt Mask.

Check it out:

Now that the ghost's identity is up in the air — and its powers only growing — the show's driving paranormal element is getting just as interesting as its gender-bent versions of Sherlock and Watson.

Ghostwriter returns to Apple TV+ with seven new episodes on Oct. 9

Next, Kipo and the Wonderbeasts may be coming to an end with its third season, but that doesn't mean it's leaving fans with anything other than a finale to remember.

The Netflix series from Radford Sechrist and Bill Wolkoff has dropped a trailer giving fans a glimpse at its final 10 episodes, showcasing what happens after Scarlemagne (Dan Stevens) has been dealt with by Kipo (Karen Fukuhara) and crew.

Take a look:

The Brunch Bunch and Dr. Emilia (Amy Landecker) are gonna have it out once and for all. Armed with super-science and an evil ideology, Emilia's gonna put up quite a fight — and that's not even counting all the giant creatures battled in the trailer. Long live the Human Mute Ultimate Friendship Alliance!

The series also features the vocal talents of Sydney Mikayla, Coy Stewart, Deon Cole, Dee Bradley Baker, Sterling K. Brown, and Jake Green.

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts finishes up its series run on Oct. 12.

Finally, a sci-fi writer that seems to be everywhere right now has seen another of his works snapped up for an adaptation.

Variety reports that Ken Liu's short story “The Hidden Girl” has been snapped up by FilmNation Entertainment to be turned into a series, with Liu executive producing. FilmNation recently won an Emmy for I Know This Much Is True, while Liu has been nabbing headlines for things like consulting on Netflix's The Three-Body Problem adaptation (he translated the original book to English) and seeing stories like "Good Hunting" become segments on Love, Death & Robots.

“The Hidden Girl” is sci-fi flavored with Tang Dynasty China, where a team of female assassins hop through time and space to make their kills. “I wrote ‘The Hidden Girl’ to evoke a world of mathematical beauty animated by layered emotions and many-hued morals not limited to any single time or place,” said Liu.

No timeline has yet been set, but Variety notes that conversations are already happening with potential creatives.