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Gotham finally reveals the Joker in new trailer as final season winds down

By Jacob Oller
gotham joker

Fans that have been following Gotham news closely might be surprised to remember that oh, yes, the show hasn’t actually ever shown that Cameron Monaghan’s Jerome-then-Jeremiah Valeska is in fact Batman’s greatest foe, the Joker. Everyone just knew. It’s been teased and teased to death, with savvy fans figuring it out very early, but now, with the latest trailer promoting the show’s Feb. 21 episode, it’s official: the Clown Prince of Crime is here.

The episode, titled “Ace Chemicals,” comes during Fox’s Batman prequel series’ final season, which took superhuman patience by creative team and fandom to pull off. But now fans can finally glimpse Gotham’s version of the villain’s ever-evolving origin story.

Take a look:

Joker gas, makeshift bombs, and plenty of madness: yep, that’s the Joker all right.

Fittingly, the Joker and Batman are having their origins melded together, establishing the toxic relationship that these two have shown off since their very beginning. What a fitting time for the Joker to make his rise, just as Gotham comes to an end. Almost like a punchline.

Gotham finally shows off the Joker on Feb. 21. What do you think of this introduction?