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GRRLTalk: Yvette Nicole Brown

By Fangrrls Staff
Yvette Nicole Brown

Women's History Month is a sacred time here at SYFY FANGRRLS. This year, we've got a brand-new series to bring to the table: GRRLTalk. We sit down with some favorite ladies to learn all about their relationship to fandom. Today, let's get to know Yvette Nicole Brown!

Name: Yvette Nicole Brown, actress/host

What are you currently FANGRRLing over?

As always, The Walking Dead. I love it because it is about so much more than zombies/walkers. It’s really about who you become when all is lost. Everyone thinks they’ll be the hero. Many will not be.

What was your first fandom?

Star Wars.

When you were a kid, what was your most prized geek possession? Do you still have it?

A tiny R2-D2 that had moving parts. I wish! It’d be worth a fortune!

Who was most instrumental in getting you into geek culture?

My older brother, Paris.

What are you geek-curious about?

Supernatural. It’s my kind of show, and I watched a couple of the early episodes, but the scene with their mom on that ceiling engulfed in fire — which is how I remember it — was too much gore for me. Which, being a huge TWD fan now, is hilarious to say. I want to dive back into Supernatural.

Do you collect nerdy stuff? If so, what?

I do! Yoda and Kermit the Frog in any form (I have many of each) and Funko POP!s.

Do you cosplay?

I do not. But I am so jealous of those who do. And was so proud to host Cosplay Melee for a season on SYFY, which was a competition show that celebrated cosplayers.

What's something geeky that you will always spend money on?

Tomb Raider, games and movies. I never miss Lara Croft!

If you could do a TED Talk on anything fandom-related, what would it be and why?

I could do a TED Talk on any scene in The Princess Bride. I know that’s on the tip of the fantasy realm, but I think it fits because of the ROUSes, LOL!

What's one moment in nerd history you'll never get over (good or bad)?

The first female Doctor! ❤️

If a studio came to you and said they would adapt anything you wanted, what would it be and why?

Baby Yoda/Yodito/The Child merchandise. And LOTS of it! #TheMandalorian