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SYFY WIRE Game of Thrones

Watch guitar gods (and D.B. Weiss) shred the Game of Thrones theme

By Adam Pockross
Game of Thrones Fender Guitars Sigil Collection Stark Telecaster

While Game of Thrones may be taking a final step toward that long night, as the Ironborn say, "What is dead may never die, but rises again, harder and stronger." And yes, we’re talking about rock.

Not the Casterly kind of rock, mind you, but the harder variety akin to such stalwart acts as Rage Against the Machine and Anthrax. Oh, and Extreme, and Brad Paisley, and sure, GoT composer Ramin Djawadi too, but they don’t exactly fit that tough-as-nails intro. And did we mention D.B. Weiss?

Yes, in this most shredding of videos, Fender has assembled just such a collection of rockers. In honor of this Sunday’s Game of Thrones season and series finale, and in support of the Fender Custom Shop’s shiny new Sigil Collection Guitars, check out GoT creator Weiss, composer Djawadi, Rage’s Tom Morello, Anthrax’s Scott Ian, Extreme’s Nuno Bettencourt, and Peyton Manning’s bandmate, Brad Paisley, laying it down on the baddest TV theme song since X-Men: The Animated Series:

By the old guitar gods and the new, this particular group of artists seems to be about as odd a pairing as Jaime and Brienne, and look how well that worked out. But it’s not like D.B. Weiss doesn’t have the chops to be playing alongside such legends; he did, after all, get his bona fides playing personal assistant to Glenn Frey, where he “bought Glenn’s toilet paper for several weeks in 1993,” per a Vanity Fair interview.

All jokes aside, Weiss holds his own against some legends when it’s finally his turn to take front and center. And the bespoke, one-off guitars — the House Stark Telecaster, the House Lannister Jaguar, and the House Targaryen Stratocaster — are certainly worth gawking at too ...

Game of Thrones Fender Guitars Sigil Collection

And if GoT is just your kind of jam, then you’re in luck, because Djawadi and company are bringing the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience to a town near you. Who knows, perhaps an Extreme guest appearance could be in store?

Game of Thrones takes its final bow this Sunday on HBO, but its rock shall live on evermore.

(via Fender)