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SYFY WIRE Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite, the latest video game sequel, drops Master Chief on a new world with extended gameplay trailer

By Jacob Oller
Halo Infinite screenshot

Halo Infinite, the legendary sci-fi gaming franchise's sixth entry, has quietly been building up buzz as the series looks to head to the small screen over at Showtime. Now, however, gamers are getting a glimpse at what the universe has in store for the Spartans in eight minutes of gameplay footage.

Revealed today during the Xbox Games Showcase, this campaign demo (fans haven't seen any multiplayer antics quite yet) introduces an upgrade system (not quite an RPG-level of experience and weapon boosts, but more equipment-oriented fare), a massive open world to explore, new weapons (the Ravager, Mangler, CQS48 Bulldog, VK78 Commando, and Pulse Carbine), and a new friend: the Pilot. A way into the series for new players (especially since the game is also aimed at being kind of a reboot for the series), the Pilot is also learning plenty about the legendary Master Chief - and his new fight with the rogue Covenant faction called The Banished.

Master Chief sets foot a new planet in the below footage, but quickly gets back to his bread-and-butter: lighting up Grunts and investigating sci-fi strangeness.

Take a look:

Apart from the smooth footage, basking in the slow exploration and fast-paced combat, Halo Infinite teases a bit of its story too. "The ring is already under our control," cackles a very evil-looking Brute. Yeah, Chief has a new baddie on the way — and a quest to solidify his legend.

Fans also got a slick new trailer about the Spartan armor:

Halo Infinite comes out on this holiday season to the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.