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SYFY WIRE Harry Potter

WATCH: Harry Potter Trivia Challenge with Tom Felton: Weasley Edition

By Elizabeth Rayne

Because who better to answer questions about Gryffindor’s most infamous pranksters than arch-Slytherin Draco Malfoy?

Tom Felton sat down with SYFY WIRE’s Jackie Jennings to take the ultimate trivia challenge: Which Weasley Was It? Whenever you think of Fred and George, you tend to imagine them as two halves of a massive prankster, but they don’t always speak at the same time. You also need both of them to pull off both ends of whatever is going to drive Professor Umbridge batty next.

Just try and guess which Weasley brother was born first—not exactly easy with identical twins. When both tricksters are the same height, wear matching clothes, and have the same blazing red hair, you need a magic spell to figure that out.

Even if you’re the most hardcore Potterhead outside the Wizarding World, you’re going to be stuck trying to remember who said what, who did what, and who took Angelina Johnson to the Yule Ball.

Those types of things become a blur when the twins aren’t saying “mischief managed” in perfect unison. It isn’t easy when you have two lanky redheads who could be reflections of each other in a mirror.

Maybe a Muggle can be forgiven for not having their Weasleys in a row, but it’s kind of hilarious to watch Felton stumble over these questions, because he actually costarred with James (Fred) and Oliver (George) Phelps for so many years. And even he had trouble figuring out which Weasley was which.

At least Tom seemed to be having fun, or if he wasn’t, perhaps he cast a charm to make it appear as if he was enjoying this subtle torture.

By the way, Fred is the older twin in the films, though in real life, James is younger than Oliver by 13 minutes.

Watch on to see if you can beat Tom, with or without a wand!