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SYFY WIRE Harry Potter

Harry Potter trivia show seeking contestants, so dust off your wands and cauldrons

By Vanessa Armstrong
Harry Potter - Hogwarts fireworks

Are you a Harry Potter fan who knows everything from Dumbledore’s full name to how to cast Severus Snape’s Levicorpus spell? If so, it looks like there’s a new Harry Potter game show in the works, that may just be right up your Diagon Alley.

The official Universal Studios Hollywood Twitter account shared the news of the potential game show by calling out to fans who want to put their wizarding knowledge to the test on a Harry Potter trivia game show.

“Calling all Harry Potter fans!” Universal Studios Hollywood said in its Twitter post. “Think you know the most about the Wizarding World? Prove it by competing in the first ever Harry Potter quiz show. Remember to study up in the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom on your next trip to Hogwarts.”

We have little other details to date except that the application to compete on the “epic Harry Potter TV quiz event” is looking for contestants whose knowledge of the Wizarding World surpasses all others. The format and stakes of the game show aren't mentioned in the fine print, though we do know from the application that it will film in Los Angeles.  

The quiz show would be yet another addition to the beloved Harry Potter franchise, which recently opened a gigantic store in New York City and a new Wizarding World experience as part of Hollywood's Warner Bros. Studio Tour. There's also a “reimagined” version of the theatrical play — Harry Potter and the Cursed Child — opening back up on Broadway this fall.

The big difference about a game show from other incarnations of Harry Potter IP, however, is that hardcore fans would presumably play an active role in the quiz show experience. Anyone over 14 years of age can apply, though those under 18 need a parent or guardian’s permission. If you’re interested and can be in Los Angeles for two weeks at the end of August for filming, check out the application here.

All of the Harry Potter films are available for streaming now on Peacock — and be sure to check out SYFY's Fourth of July Harry Potter marathon this weekend! The full schedule can be found here.

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