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SYFY WIRE The Last of Us

HBO unveils first look pic from 'The Last of Us' TV series with scene ripped straight from the game

By Matthew Jackson
The Last of Us Game Trailer Still

Even considering the sheer number of major genre series in some stage of development right now, HBO's The Last of Us ranks among the most anticipated upcoming projects on the television front. The long-awaited adaptation of the beloved video game series seems primed to deliver everything fans want from a live-action version of the gripping, emotional, post-apocalyptic story, and HBO just added to that feeling with our very first look at the show, ripped straight from the game itself.

Sunday marked the unofficial holiday "The Last of Us Day" among fans of the game, since September 26 is when the infection that kickstarts the events of the series begins in the story's continuity. In celebration of that, HBO dropped the first image from the much-anticipated adaptation, and it's a shot that you could have easily seen while playing through the game itself. In the image, Joel (Pedro Pascal), and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) have their backs to the camera, much as they might during gameplay, and they're looking out at a particularly dramatic sign of the end of the world: A plane lying in ruins along a hilltop.

Check it out below — just don't squint, or you might think it's actually from the game.

For those who haven't yet been initiated into this particularly invested fandom, The Last of Us tells the story of two survivors in an infection-riddled world and their journey across the United States. Joel, a hard-edged survivor, is tasked with taking Ellie across the country in the hope that her apparent immunity to the virus might be able to aid in the manufacture of a vaccine. Along the way, they face all manner of threats, and their own humanity is tested to its core.

The Last of Us is co-developed by Craig Mazin, who created the acclaimed HBO miniseries Chernobyl, and Neil Druckmann, who wrote and co-directed the original game. With those talents behind the camera, and Pascal and Ramsey leading the talent in front of it, it's bound to be a must-see show both for longtime fans and newcomers to the story.

And in case that one image wasn't enough to tide you over, The Last of Us Day also featured the drop of a new The Last of Us Part II vinyl release courtesy of the fine folks at Mondo. So, if you're both a vinyl nerd and a post-apocalyptic video game nerd, head over to that pre-order page as soon as you can.

The Last of Us is in production now, and set to arrive on HBO sometime next year.

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