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B.R.P.D.: The Devil You Know #14: Hellboy's story comes full circle in exclusive first look

By Josh Weiss

Fighting against Lovecraftian monsters of unimaginable horror — which are always trying to break free and take over the planet — is just another day for Mike Mignola's Hellboy and the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense.

After going on "safari" in Africa, spending a few years beneath the ocean, and preventing Nimue from destroying the world as we know it, Hellboy bounced around Hell for a while before returning to Earth to rejoin the B.R.P.D. in The Devil You Know series, which began in the summer of 2017.

With the penultimate 14th issue of the B.R.P.D. run about to hit stands, Dark Horse Comics was kind enough to give SYFY WIRE an exclusive first look at a few of the interiors drawn by Laurence Campbell, who also serves as inker.


With "the final battle to save humanity" about to begin, Hellboy's creator wants to assure fans that things about to come full circle—a circle that opened almost 30 years ago at Cavendish Hall.

"For years I’ve been saying one of the things different about the Hellboy and B.P.R.D. books is that we are breaking things that can’t be fixed — and now you’re seeing what happens when you’ve broken just about everything," said Mignola in an exclusive statement provided to SYFY WIRE. "Hellboy is dead, was resting peacefully in Hell, and now he’s back to do what he has to do. Without giving anything away I CAN say that these last two issues of B.P.R.D. wrap up the storyline that began 25 years ago in the pages of (the appropriately named) Hellboy: Seed of Destruction."


As you can see in the already-released cover (drawn by Mignola) below, Hellboy is facing off against Rasputin, the first antagonist in the Mignola-verse that attempted to free the Ogdru Jahad (aka "The Dragon") from their cosmic prison. The Russian magician failed miserably in the Seed of Destruction storyline and after a string of other failures, he was reduced to a small fragment of who he once was — a fragment eventually kept safe inside an acorn by the Baba Yaga.


As the character turns 25-years-old this month, Dark Horse is throwing a nationwide bash on March 23, encouraging comic retailers to partake in the celebrations. There's also limited edition Hellboy beers and, of course, the live-action reboot movie (starring Stranger Things' David Harbour) hitting theaters April 12.

Check out the gallery below for a look at four exclusive interior pages for Issue #14 before it goes on sale next Wednesday, March 20!