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Hot damn! This Hellboy hot sauce will set your mouth on fire

By Jacob Oller
Hellboy David Harbour

David Harbour’s new Hellboy is coming in hot after dropping a spicy red band trailer that firmly established the upcoming reboot as an R-rated entry into the Anung Un Rama canon. And of course, all his merch should follow suit, right? Director Neil Marshall and writer Andrew Cosby may be bringing the heat to the screen, but Hellboy will also have a more edible tie-in that represents his hellish origins.

Lionsgate is collaborating with HEATONIST to create the official Hellboy Hot Sauce, which will be available on March 23 — aka Hellboy Day, aka the Mike Mignola character’s 25th anniversary. Yes, it's coming from a hot sauce company and not, say, summoned out of hell by some Nazis and occultists. The sauce has its branding down, but what about its content?

According to HEATONIST, Hellboy Hot Sauce is made from an assortment of tongue-torturing peppers like the Trinidad scorpion pepper and 7 Pot Primo, which essentially make this 500 times hotter than a jalapeno. Thanks to them, fans can look at Harbour’s mug while tears stream from their eyes.

Take a look:

hellboy hot sauce

A bottle will run would-be B.P.R.D. members $14 and will hit HEATONIST’s website a few weeks before Hellboy takes over theaters on April 12 — plenty of time for fans’ mouths to cool down so they can enjoy some popcorn.

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