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Where to Stream the Original 1979 Mad Max Movie - on Peacock

Hop in the shotgun seat with Mel Gibson and roam the Wasteland all over again.

A gang of bikers follow a red car on the road in Mad Max (1979).

No one might’ve guessed, back in 1979, that Mad Max had such a bright post-apocalyptic future to look forward to. Through five studio films plus more spinoff media, director George Miller’s wild Wasteland franchise has driven straight into its own mini-genre of sci-fi, along the way inspiring countless dystopian imitators and emulators on screens both big and small.

The original Mad Max is the flick that started it all, introducing Mel Gibson (as Max Rockatansky) to a global movie audience while hooking fans with a road rage-y action story about choosing revenge over justice. Miller has remained at the helm for each new movie installment in the expanding Mad Max story-verse ever since, making it fun to track how the wider franchise has grown and evolved since Gibson first put pedal to the metal 45 years ago.

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Where to stream the original Mad Max (1979) movie?

The original 1979 Mad Max film is streaming right now on Peacock.

Made on a tiny budget in Miller’s (and Gibson’s) native Australia, the original Mad Max was an instant worldwide hit, and for decades even held the distinction of being the most profitable movie — at least compared against its paltry production cost — ever made.

If you’re yearning to go back to where the Wasteland first began, tracking down the first Mad Max movie couldn’t be easier: It’s streaming on Peacock right here. Most of what fans still love about the franchise was baked into the Mad Max movie formula right from the very beginning, too — whether it’s the lawless and freaky speed demons, the endless fight over scarce resources, or simply the shabby surroundings of a society in total decline.

Thanks to his memorably wicked turn as a big John Wick baddie, Gibson himself is no stranger to Peacock these days. Catch Gibson as 1970s crime boss Cormack O’Connor in The Continental: From the World of John Wick, streaming on Peacock here. And If it’s more Mad Max-inspired mayhem you’re craving, the bird app has that, too: Ride the open post-apocalyptic road with Anthony Mackie (as ace delivery driver John Doe) in Peacock’s Twisted Metal sci-fi action series, streaming here.

Stream the original Mad Max here on Peacock.

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