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Seven of Nine goes deep into the Delta Quadrant in Star Trek: Voyager - Seven's Reckoning

By Jeff Spry
Voyager hero

Star Trek: Voyager turns 25 this year after debuting on UPN back in January of 1995 and lasting for seven star-hopping seasons.

To help celebrate the sci-fi series that featured the first female starship commander in Captain Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew), IDW Publishing is launching their very first Voyager comic book miniseries that focuses on the Borg drone with a human heart, Seven of Nine — and SYFY WIRE is powering up an exclusive sneak peek at the premiere issue which arrives Nov. 18.

Written by Dave Baker (Star Trek: Waypoint, Action Hospital) and illustrated by artist Angel Hernandez (Star Trek: Picard—Countdown, Star Trek/Green Lantern), with electrifying colors by Ronda Pattison (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), the 4-issue Star Trek: Voyager - Seven's Reckoning series explores Seven of Nine's initial days on Voyager as she struggles to understand the nature of being human.

Voyager 1

For this new outer space odyssey, IDW returns to the Voyager after 2019's Star Trek: Voyager: Mirrors and Smoke one-shot set in the Mirror Universe. The timeline of Seven's Reckoning unfolds during Star Trek: Voyager's fourth season when actress Jeri Ryan joined the cast, directly between the episodes “Scientific Method” and “Year of Hell Pt. 1.”

The plotline begins as the USS Voyager encounters a damaged alien spaceship floating deep in the Delta Quadrant. What at first appears to be a routine repair mission quickly evolves into a much more complicated mission for Seven of Nine as she becomes drawn into an ancient alien conflict, something that puts her newfound humanity to the test and rattles her to the core.

voyager slice

"Seven of Nine is a character who was introduced during Voyager’s smash fourth season — originally a member of the Borg Collective. Seven had the majority of her Borg implants removed by the Voyager crew and had to readjust to being human," series editor Chase Marotz tells SYFY WIRE. "Our new miniseries takes place early on in her journey back to humanity."

voyager slice 2

"Seven’s Reckoning will focus on Seven wrestling with the implications of the Prime Directive as she befriends a member of an all-new reptilian alien species, brilliantly designed by artist Angel Hernandez," Marotz adds. "Expect action, intrigue, amazing aliens and great character moments!"

voyager slice 4

Now strap in for our exclusive 5-page preview of IDW's Star Trek: Voyager - Seven's Reckoning #1 in the full gallery below.