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Exclusive Preview: Magic and mayhem reign in IDW's new 'Transformers: King Grimlock' miniseries

By Jeff Spry
Transformers Wreckers Hero

Hail to the King! Grimlock, Cybertron’s menacing metallic creature, is one of the most devastating and intimidating Autobots ever to arise out of the vast Transformers universe.

Now IDW Publishing is honoring this ginormous T-rex Dinobot with his very own summer comic book miniseries titled Transformers: King Grimlock (Aug. 4), in which he stars in an epic sword-and-sorcery clash designed to erupt straight out of each dynamic panel with gnashing jaws and clanging steel — and SYFY WIRE has a first look.

Transformers Grimlock 01 Cover B

King Grimlock is the first of a pair of five-issue Transformers event titles premiering in August from IDW that includes the parallel dimension conflicts within Transformers: Shattered Glass

Penned by Steve Orlando (Wonder WomanJustice League of America) and fortified with ferocious artwork by Agustin Padilla (Dungeons & Dragons, Suicide Squad) and colors by Jeremy Colwell, King Grimlock delivers the fan-favorite Transformers beast into a magical world of marauding monsters and mystic powers.

In savage territory where the strongest rule with sharp steel and forged iron, Grimlock discovers a new opportunity to prove that he's the strongest that ever existed. But as Grimlock and the human barbarian Arko soon learn, sometimes pure brute strength isn't enough to reign supreme.

Transformers Wreckers Slice 1

“Like most people born in the Eighties, it was Grimlock and Optimus Prime for me," Orlando tells SYFY WIRE. "When it comes to the original team, those are my guys. So to finally be able to work in that universe is super exciting. And especially on a book that I didn’t think would happen. I pitched this crazy idea that I knew I’d have a lot of fun with and people would have fun with, but I figured it might be too much. To transplant a Transformers character into a fantasy world, something that had only happened in one episode in a later season of the original cartoon. 

"It was a big swing, but Hasbro and IDW were looking for big swings and it all came to pass.  It’s been a blast. I just finished the fifth and final issue. It’s a giant fantasy blockbuster starring the perfect Transformers for that. He’s spent decades of human time telling people he’s a king and now we’re sending him to a fantasy world to really prove that."

King Grimlock 01 02 03

Cary Nord, the Eisner Award-winning illustrator of Marvel's Conan the Barbarian, delivers the perfect premiere issue cover to complement the miniseries’ bold, adventurous themes. Added variants will be available for retailers and fans, including a Cover B drawn by series artist Agustin Padilla, and a Retailer Incentive Edition spotlighting art by Mateus Santolouco. 

Now stomp into our exclusive preview of IDW’s Transformers: King Grimlock #1 in the full gallery below.