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If You Were the Last: Anthony Mackie & Zoë Chao Are Astronauts With Benefits in Peacock Debut Trailer

If You Were the Last is now streaming on Peacock!

By Josh Weiss
Adam (Anthony Mackie) and Jane (Zoë Chao) cuddle together on an orange couch in If You Were The Last (2023).

Elton John wasn't kidding when he sang, "It's lonely out in space." And even if you have a spouse waiting for you back on Earth, human beings have... well... certain needs. 

Anthony Mackie (Twisted Metal) and Zoë Chao (The Afterparty) weigh the pros and cons of being astronauts with benefits in the official trailer for Peacock's new science fiction/romantic comedy release, If You Were the Last, which is now streaming right here following its world premiere at SXSW earlier this year.

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When a NASA mission traps them between Jupiter and Saturn with almost no hope of rescue, Adam (Mackie) and Jane (Chao) begin to argue whether they should just remain friends or turn their professional relationship into something more. There are several factors to consider, not least of all the reality that both cosmic drifters are married. The trailer doesn't give too much away, except for the revelation that Adam has never seen Ridley Scott's Alien. Like, come on — how is that even possible?!

Watch the official trailer for Peacock's new sci-fi movie, If You Were the Last

"I want it to be a film that people watch and go, 'I want somebody I care about to share this film with me. I want us to have this experience together,'" Mercado told The Movie Blog. "I want couples who are starting to fall in love to go see this film. I want couples who have been together for years to go see this film. I want people to remember to fall in love again or go that extra mile. I want friends to go see this film. I want [people] who are on and off again lovers to go see this film and be like, 'Yo, what are we doing?' I want old couples to see the film. I want it to make people feel like it's okay to talk about in an open, vulnerable way. I want people to think about what joy there is in love to be so lucky to fall in love."

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Kristian Mercado (Aida Rodriguez: Fighting Words) directed the movie, which was written by Angela Bourassa (Black Bags). Natalie Morales (Parks and Recreation) and Geoff Stults (Cowboy Bebop) round out the cast.

Andrew Miano, Dan Balgoyen, Britta Rowings, Dennis Masel, Gabrielle Nadig, Jessamine Burgum, Kara Durrett, Jon Levin, and Sean Woods served as producers the film. Harrison Huffman, Will Greenfield, Angela Bourassa, Chris Weitz, and Paul Weitz are executive producers.

If You Were the Last is now streaming on Peacock!