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SYFY WIRE Deadpool

Learn how to make Deadpool's trademark chimichangas in new Merc With a Mouth cookbook

By Jeff Spry

It's well known that Marvel Comics' outspoken assassin, Deadpool, is fond of tasty food and stabbing things with pointy objects — so it was inevitable that the Merc With A Mouth would eventually score his own themed cookbook, right?

To satisfy fans' appetites for super-flavorful nachos and chimichangas, Insight Editions is releasing Cooking With Deadpool on Feb 2, packed with snacks, appetizers, and entrees infused with the foul-mouthed mercenary's flair for the dramatic and passion for hearty chow.

Written by Eisner and Harvey Award–nominated writer and editor Marc Sumerak, this 144-page cookbook is laced with Deadpool's abrasive style, barbed humor, and expertise with a blade. It features dozens of classic recipes created with a delicious Deadpool spin and an epic pile of custom chimichangas.

DP 1

The brash superhero and master chef himself narrates Cooking With Deadpool and injects a few jokes along the way in each of the recipe introductions.

Contents are divided into six sections: Small Bites For Big Mouths, Side Jobs, Maximum Efforts, Waking Up With Wade, Sweetest Things, and What The People Really Want, which is an entire chapter honoring the cherished chimichanga. It also includes recipes inspired by Deadpool's close friends/enemies and his favorite dishes like chili, salsa, tacos, pancakes, hamburgers with no pickles, and anything with cheese.

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"For as long as Deadpool has existed, he’s been known as the “Merc with a Mouth,” but most think that he earned the moniker for his endless stream of one-liners and double entendres," Sumerak tells SYFY WIRE. "But longtime fans know how much Wade loves a good nosh after a hard job. Sure, there’s his well-documented obsession chimichangas and/or tacos, as well as his passion for a pile of pancakes, but Wade has traveled from Wakanda to Monster Isle! We saw this book as the perfect opportunity to explore some of the other marvelous dishes he’s sampled on his many misadventures."

As far as the author's favorite dish is concerned, Sumerak is temporarily stumped. 

"It’s hard to choose, as recipe developer Elena Craig did such a killer job putting the recipes together and keeping them true to Wade’s taste level," he admits. "Some of the ones that really stand out to me just for their sheer level of wacky fun are the “Chick-aronnes” (chicken nachos where the nachos are the chicken!) and “A Self-Portrait in Meat” (a meatloaf that looks like a slightly more appetizing version of Wade’s face). Of course, we all know you’re really here for the chimichangas... and there’s a whole chapter devoted to them, with chimis from apps to dessert!"

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For Sumerak, it was a blast to dive into Wade’s filthy little mind for a while, but it was especially fun to explore his personality from a slightly different angle than usual and to bring something new to the table.

"Sure, no one in their right mind would ever believe that Deadpool is a Michelin star chef, which is why we made sure to build our recipes in a way that showcased his particular tastes, both in food and in life," he notes. "And while I did my best to capture his essence in the text, Elena deserves all the credit for somehow managing to capture Wade’s quirky sensibilities in flawless food form. Together, I think we came up with a flavor that is uniquely and undeniably Deadpool!"

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Now charge into the kitchen and check out our exclusive peek inside Cooking With Deadpool in the full gallery below.