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'Invasion' on Apple TV+ blends 'War of the Worlds' with 'Arrival' in full trailer for epic sci-fi drama

By Josh Weiss
Invasion Apple TV+

The official trailer for Invasion plays out like an out-of-this-world mashup of our favorite pop culture tropes of malevolent aliens coming into contact with unprepared humans. Debuting on Apple TV+ in late October, the character-driven TV series follows a number of intersecting narratives from around the globe that begin to unfold in the wake of puny Earthlings finding out they're not alone in the vast, unfeeling cosmos. Bummer.

Some folks want to fight off the extra-terrestrial visitors (à la War of the Worlds), while others yearn to make contact with them (à la Arrival) and solve the issue diplomatically.

Simon Kinberg (a producer and director of Fox's X-Men film franchise) and David Weil (the mind behind Amazon's Hunters) co-created and wrote the show, which features an ensemble cast of Shamier Anderson (Awake), Golshifteh Farahani (Extraction), Sam Neill (Jurassic World: Dominion), Firas Nassar (Fauda) and Shioli Kutsuna (Deadpool 2). 

Watch the trailer below:

Despite the seemingly familiar concepts on display in the footage above, Weil has described Invasion as a "reinvention" of the science fiction genre it's named after. 

"It is quite epic — it's going to be a real global event series, and I'm incredibly excited for the world to see it, but I will say that creating it and writing some of the episodes was such a thrill and a joy," he explained to Esquire back in May. "Apple really pushed for us to dream big and wanted to create a reality about the piece, which is why we shot in Japan and in the States and in London and other places around the world. I think it will be a real spectacle and it turns the alien invasion genre on its head."

Kinberg and Weil serve as executive producers alongside Jakob Verbruggen, Audrey Chon (The Twilight Zone), Amy Kaufman (When They See Us), Andrew Baldwin (The Outsider), Elisa Ellis (American Rust), and Katie O’Connell Marsh (Hannibal). Baldwin also shares writing duties with the project's creators.

The first three episodes of Invasion land on Apple TV+ Friday, Oct. 22. New episodes (there are 10 in all) will premiere on a weekly basis after that.

Invasion Apple TV key art