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Breaking down the rematch with Pennywise in the new It: Chapter Two trailer

By Brian Silliman
Pennywise jump (It: Chapter Two)

It seems like just yesterday that the young members of the Losers Club were beating Pennywise with metal sticks in It: Chapter One. Though he appeared to have been defeated, evil of that magnitude never stays dormant for long. Pennywise is back, and the grown-up losers have returned to Derry for a rematch in the "final trailer" for It: Chapter Two.

What evil lies in the heart of this trailer? What secrets are hiding in plain sight? Does Jessica Chastain really look like a grown-up Sophia Lillis? Come along and find out as we breakdown the teaser which was just released.

**WARNING: Spoilers lie ahead for It: Chapter Two. If you want to go in completely cold, then don't watch this trailer and don't read this article. Float away from here as quick as you can.**

Chapter Two will tackle the second part of Stephen King's massive horror novel, although the book told the two timelines' stories at the same time, cutting back and forth between the child and adult Losers Club adventures rather than saving all the adult action for the second half, as the films have. Andy Muschietti returns to direct Chapter Two, and Gary Dauberman adapted it from the original novel. The trailer gives plenty of glimpses of our young heroes from the first film, making it clear that we haven't seen the last of Finn Wolfhard, Sophia Lillis, Jack Dylan Glazer, Jaeden Martell, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Wyatt Oleff, and Chosen Jacobs in those parts. The trailer primarily focuses on their adult counterparts, however, returning to Derry 27 years later.

James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, Bill Hader, Jay Ryan, James Ransome, Andy Bean, and Isaiah Mustafa are in limelight now, but that also means that they're in for a highly upsetting experience. Pennywise, as in the first film, is still played by creepmaster supreme Bill Skarsgard. It looks like he's really doubling down here, too!

Adult Mike (It: Chapter Two)


Mike Hanlon finally takes center stage, at least at the beginning of this trailer. Mike was somewhat shifted to the sidelines in the first chapter, and some of his story from the book was given to other characters. It's nice to see him back in a place of prominence, and as he says, he's the one member of the group that did not leave Derry once they all grew up. Here's hoping this means he'll regain his title of "group historian" or something close to it. The fact that he stayed in town would help there, as he says he remembers everything. For those that left, the details might be a little hazy.

The Adult Losers (It: Chapter Two)


The club is back in Derry, reunited. It feels so good, but after a few laughs, Mike reminds them of their oath from the first film— if the evil ever returns to Derry, they have to stop it. He makes it clear that they did not stop it. The tone of the dinner turns grim, and we then get several shots of the young cast members that play right before shots of their older counterparts. Everyone has to be clear on who's who before they can get all grim about Pennywise.

Pennywise (It: Chapter Two)


While adult Bill tries to make his way through a mirrored funhouse in what looks like a fully functional clown-based amusement park, he sees a child and screams to get his attention. That's when we hear a familiar voice... an all-encompassing, creepy voice of pure winsome dread, and of course, we know where the voice is coming from. Before long, we're looking at Pennywise, very much not-defeated by metal poles, sticking his tongue waaaaay out. It is completely disturbing and quite disgusting.

Bill looks more exhausted than disturbed, and just says, "please" to his old foe. Pennywise isn't listening. He laughs, turns monstrous, and... things devolve from there.

Frightening Balloons (It: Chapter Two)


In the world of this movie, there's nothing scarier than a single red balloon. Actually, we take that back — a murder of red balloons is worse, so very much worse. We do see a single balloon tormenting people in a shot before this, but it is this evil balloon swarm that looks like the dark sequel to Up that really has us twitching. Pennywise makes it clear that he's just been biding his time — "For 27 years, I dreamt of you... I craved you... I missed you..." he says. Yep, not creepy at all.

Bill and Beverly (It: Chapter Two)


Bill and Beverly got pretty close as kids, and here we see them reunited as adults sharing a tender moment. Does this mean that the sparks will kindle between them once more? Probably not — if things go as they go in the novel, then Beverly ends up with Ben. Sure, Ben used to be a rotund young man who wrote her that poem, but he grew up to be hot. Bill and Beverly will always have a bond, but her heart will likely still go to the newly hot adult Ben, for whom Nutrisystem really worked.

Pennywise floating (It: Chapter Two)


Continuing with the notion of a very dark live-action sequel to Up, here's Pennywise floating through the air with a horde of balloons, right above a statue that could have been taken from the set of Fargo. We see a shot of adult Richie looking up into the sky right after this, and he looks horrified — he probably isn't seeing Superman up there, he's likely seeing this. For some reason the most disturbing part of this image isn't the balloons, or even Pennywise himself — it's his ruffed pants, kicking in the wind. Just... no.

Bloody Beverly (It: Chapter Two)


Jessica Chastain wasn't kidding when she said she wanted to go full Carrie in this movie. This shot takes place in and around a sequence of shots where everything is going berserk — Bill's dead little brother is hurling accusations in his raincoat, Mike looks upset, Richie looks upset, Pennywise appears with his makeup all smudged (looking like a birthday clown who just got beat up by Dick Tracy), and more. The standout moment, though, is this one. Adult Beverly is coated in a torrent of blood, and we officially want no part of this. No part at all.

It: Chapter Two will rise to scare again on September 6. We'll be there.