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SYFY WIRE It Chapter Two

WATCH: SYFY WIRE breaks down the It: Chapter Two trailer


Something is rotten in the state of Maine, and the Losers' Club is coming home to Derry. Later this year, It: Chapter Two will haunt moviegoers with the adaptation of the second half of Stephen King’s iconic horror novel. Within the story, nearly three decades have passed since the Losers' Club defeated Pennywise the Clown. But Pennywise's evil may never die, and now it’s time to confront him once again.

Earlier this week, Warner Bros. dropped a trailer for It: Chapter Two that formally introduced Jessica Chastain’s Beverly Marsh as she returned to her former home. Now SYFY WIRE is breaking down the new trailer, and cringing in terror at Mrs. Kersh. She’s so sweet, so helpful, and so charming. And she’s so obviously Pennywise in disguise. Joan Gregson’s performance is deliciously creepy, and she even seems to channel Bill Skarsgård’s Pennywise. One of the photos in our breakdown even suggests that Mrs. Kersh is Pennywise’s daughter. Or at least the daughter of the man who originally had Pennywise’s face.

Additionally, the trailer offers a first glimpse of Bill (James McAvoy), Ben (Jay Ryan), Richie (Bill Hader), Eddie (James Ransone), and Mike (Isaiah Mustafa) back together. But their reunion is far from happy, as Pennywise pursues them from within and without.

Pennywise’s presence is felt more than seen in this trailer, but he’s intimately familiar with his prey. Like any good monster, Pennywise specifically tailors his traps for each person in order to instill the utmost fear. That's why we love him. It's also why we'll watch the film with the lights on.

For a more complete examination of the trailer, check out the full video, then check out our interview with screenwriter Gary Dauberman. It: Chapter Two will hit theaters on Friday, Sept. 6.