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These are the freakiest scenes in the new It: Chapter Two trailer

By Caitlin Busch
Pennywise face in It: Chapter Two

Pennywise the Dancing Clown has returned with the first teaser trailer for It: Chapter Two, and boy, does it deliver on the heebie-jeebies. Given that this is a teaser trailer and not a full trailer, it doesn't make as much sense to break down what's going on here as to linger on the most disturbing moments. Of creepy images there is no shortage, with quite a few jam-packed into this three-minute monster. We know you're here for the scares — and that's okay, because we are, too.

It: Chapter Two, the highly anticipated follow-up to 2017's horror hit It, will follow the second half of Stephen King's 1986 novel It, in which the Losers' Club, now grown, return to Derry to put Pennywise in his place once and for all. In King’s novel, Mike Hanlon is the only one of the original seven members of the Losers' Club to remain in Derry as an adult, and he keeps an eye on the town's strange happenings. When the titular It returns from the sewers after 27 years in hibernation, Mike calls on his now-estranged friends so they can fulfill the promise they made all those years ago.

2017's It ended with this promise, as the Losers' Club gathered in a circle to swear they’d return to stop the creature when (not if) it returned.

This first trailer for Chapter Two opens with a suitably disturbing scene as a grown Beverly Marsh (Jessica Chastain) returns to her childhood home, where a seemingly kind elderly woman has taken up residence. Beverly is understandably uptight in this old house, given the traumas she endured there, and the odd things going on with this lady do not help.

When Beverly finds an old poem Ben wrote for her, she has a moment to smile to herself. Then the old lady does a weird dance down the hall as her limbs and skin squelch.

Jessica Chastain smiling in It: Chapter Two

In the parlor, as flies congregate at the window, the old woman freezes in place with a smile and wide eyes after she tells Beverly that not everything in Derry stays dead. Hint hint, Beverly!

old woman in It: Chapter Two

In King's novel, It’s creations have a hard time mimicking human emotion, so they come across as a bit Uncanny Valley-ish. This goes for Pennywise — recall Bill Skarsgård's twitchy movements and unsettled giggle in the first It — and, as we learn, this woman.

Then again, she's not really a woman anymore; more like a reanimated corpse. This shot of her rotting skin isn't so much creepy as it is making me wish I hadn't eaten lunch right before watching the trailer.

It: Chapter Two old woman's skin

After the old lady shuffles into the kitchen, things get really weird. As she tells Beverly about her family's history, she supposedly strips down naked in the dark and begins watching Beverly.

It: Chapter Two Jessica Chastain and old woman

Just as Beverly notices the woman's father looks oddly like that f***ing clown from her childhood …

Bill Skarsgard Pennwise picture in It: Chapter Two

The woman teeter-totters across the kitchen — again, naked.

It: Chapter Two Jessica Chastain and old lady shuffle

As Beverly starts backing away, horrified, the woman changes, grows, and pounds toward her with loud footsteps and a roar that's enough to make anyone jump.

It: Chapter Two old lady monster

There are only a few more shots in the trailer that are truly creepy once we get to the "teaser" part of the teaser trailer.

Pennywise face in It: Chapter Two

Like this shot of Pennywise tearing his own face off.

Beverly Marsh in blood It: Chapter Two

And Beverly in a room filled with blood.

Pennywise smile in It: Chapter Two

The final shot of Pennywise appearing from the darkness to lure a child to her death isn't just an appropriate way for this trailer to end, it's also a stark reminder of just how creepy Skarsgård is as Pennywise. And how excited we are for It: Chapter Two to hit theaters on September 6.