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SYFY WIRE Jessica Chastain

It: Chapter Two's Jessica Chastain says film may set record for bloodiest scene ever

By Jacob Oller
It: Chapter One blood scene

There’s not a lot of hard and fast data about the blood and gore of horror films. Sure, there are a few sources saying that A Nightmare on Elm Street used 500 gallons of fake blood. Some say Peter Jackson’s cult hit Dead Alive used 300 liters of blood just for one scene. There are even reports the Evil Dead remake used an outrageous 50,000 gallons for its climactic moment. But now, upcoming Stephen King film It: Chapter Two may be entering these hard-to-confirm halls of R-rated records.

Appearing on The Tonight Show Jessica Chastain — after getting through a story with Jimmy Fallon about baseball and dancing — finally gets to her upcoming movies: Dark Phoenix and It: Chapter Two. Chastain, who plays a grown-up Beverly Marsh in the latter, then drops a potentially record-breaking tidbit about the film. The bit starts around 2:11.

Take a look:

Jessica Chastain Teases It: Chapter Two Spoilers

“I’m gonna say something and I think I’m gonna be in trouble but I’m gonna do it,” Chastain said. “It might be a spoiler, but in the movie there’s a scene that someone said on set that it’s the most blood that’s ever been in a horror film — in a scene.”

“The next day I was pulling blood out of my eyeballs. Fake blood.” Hmm, remember when Chastain was seen on Instagram coated in the juicy nectar of life?

Perhaps some of Beverly’s old anxieties — like the metaphor-laden blood geyser coming from the bathroom — came back to torment her again. Even that scene in the first film had tons of blood, though perhaps not as much as something like The Shining’s bloody elevators. However, sequels always have to crank it up a notch, so maybe there will be a Guinness Book of World Records-worthy scene in the film.

Fans can find out for sure when It: Chapter Two hits theaters on Sep. 6.