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SYFY WIRE Jabba the Pod

Jabba the Pod Episode 2.2: Spotchka Nights [The Clone Wars S1]

By Brian Silliman & Caitlin Busch
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Obi-Wan and Cody)

A quiet night aboard the Starbinger devolves into utter mayhem! Just another evening with Jabba the Pod, SYFY WIRE's podcast about all things Star Wars.

Look, we'll be honest with you — this episode goes berserk. Somehow our heroes (Brian Silliman, Caitlin Busch, and Matt Romano) manage to discuss all of Season 1 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, but the discussion is not short. Matt tries (and fails) to stage an impression coup, Caitlin tries (and succeeds) at throwing prequel-era Obi-Wan sass, and Brian goes to war with the Lurmen. It's... certainly something. Spinning is not flying, even though it may be a good trick.

Along the way, more details about Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker emerge, as well as plentiful casting rumors about Season 2 of The Mandalorian. Regina King as Rae Sloane? Unlikely, but they had to mention it.

Honestly there's no excuse for this one. Just remember to never make Spotchka on a ship that's falling apart. If someone does try and make it, never, ever, partake. Ever.

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