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SYFY WIRE Guardians of the Galaxy

James Gunn taking advantage of the Facebook crash to hilariously troll Guardians of the Galaxy fans

By Trent Moore

It’s become geek legend that James Gunn hid an awesome, major Easter egg in his first Guardians of the Galaxy movie — and fans have yet to actually find it. Well, with Facebook down, the director is having a bit of fun.

As you’re likely aware, Facebook and some of its services and apps suffered some major downtime on Monday — causing a bit of chaos across the social media landscape. Thankfully, Twitter remained online, so Gunn jumped on to tell fans where they could find his long-lost Easter egg.

The place? Just the one social media site they couldn’t actually visit at the moment. Well played, sir.

Gunn tweeted: “I just posted the big Guardians Easter egg on Facebook for everyone to see.”


Fans have been scouring for this mysterious Easter egg for a good four years now, and if anyone has actually spotted it, Gunn isn’t coming clean about what it might be. Even though this mystery egg remains lost, it’s been well-documented just how many little nods and winks Gunn bundled into his first MCU flick. From the Collector’s Menagerie, to the background details, it seems our searching will continue.

In the meantime, we can keep searching — and maybe try refreshing Facebook a few more times (kidding). 

As for Gunn, he’s plenty busy. He has The Suicide Squad spinoff series Peacemaker on the way to HBO Max, plus a third theatrical Guardians of the Galaxy film and a Guardians holiday special coming to Disney+. Not to mention a mystery DC Comics project still lingering at Warner Bros. once all that is done.

But still, nice to know he can still find a few minutes for some good-natured trolling.