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James Gunn sets the record straight on Superman - and smacks down a troll over Henry Cavill

James Gunn is still happily communicating with fans on Twitter. 

By Matthew Jackson
James Gunn GETTY

Twitter has always been a powerful tool, and a place for a lot of fun, for James Gunn, and it's been no different in the few weeks that the filmmaker has been on the job as co-head of DC Studios. Since taking over the gig, alongside producer Peter Safran, at the beginning of November, Gunn has asked for fan suggestions about DC's future, hinted at his plans for an overarching narrative across several different mediums, and even discussed a few individual characters who may or may not be coming to his vision of the DCU. 

Over the weekend, it was Superman's turn.

Just days after taking to the social media site to clear up some things regarding recent reports of his supposed overhaul of the DCEU, Gunn responded to a few fans who are still nervous about his plans for the Man of Steel, who returned briefly at the end of Black Adam earlier this year and seemingly set up Henry Cavill's long-term revival of his performance. Addressing one fan's question about the future of Superman at his incarnation of DC Studios, Gunn seemed to confirm that he's definitely still thinking big for DC's Man of Tomorrow.

Responding to the fan who asked if we'd see Superman on the big screen anytime soon, Gunn wrote, "Yes of course. Superman is a huge priority, if not the biggest priority."

So there you have it. Gunn is definitely not looking to keep Superman sidelined in his overall plan for the DC Universe, but what does that mean for Henry Cavill? Previous reports, which Gunn has labeled only partially true, have suggested that part of the DC Studios restructure could mean that Cavill is out as Superman. While Gunn has not commented on that particular report directly, favoring instead to wait and release his larger plans for DC sometime in the future, he did take some time to respond to someone who claimed that Gunn and Cavill don't get along.

After simply debunking the claim as "false" and getting some pushback, Gunn showed that his patience with fans on the internet who'd like to question his personal relationships only goes so far.

James Gunn: Defender of his relationship with Henry Cavill, believer in Superman's importance.